These Red-Signs Are Screaming At You! BEWARE!

There are so many ICOs every day in the crypto-town!

This phenomenon started about three years ago. But, the thing is you can’t just invest in every ICO out there. It’s important to identify a good ICO from a bad one. It’s rather essential.

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So, here are some red-lights for bad ICO investments:

No Experience

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If a company doesn’t have any renowned crypto-advisers or any famous venture capitalist investors. It’s a sign! Turn around and never look back. A good way to really know a company would be to watch their interviews online with the key team members. You’re smart enough! You’ll be able to figure out if the company is worth investing in or not.

It’s An Existing Company

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If the company already exists and profiting, it doesn’t mean it’s a great choice. You should ask yourself some essential questions. Why is the ICO needed in the first place? Is their company in for the money? Or they have something great to offer to the tech-world? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll know if the company is worth investing or not.

Aggressive Marketing

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Too many Facebook posts? Google remarketing advertisements and banners? Especially if the ICO is promising too good to be true profits. It’s a big red light.

Community Discussions

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If you’ve joined the crypto-world for good, then you should join Telegram. It’s the best place to ask questions from developers. You can ask questions from developers and wait for them to respond to you. Their response will say it all! You’ll be able to know if the ICO is worth it or not.


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The thing is, the more funds are raised with a bonus. It is more likely that the price will be traded close to the discount level. A serious case would be, when there is no vesting for the pre-sale investors.

No Need For A Token

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When the entire ecosystem is built around the projects token it’s time to walk away. The token needs you more than you need it honestly. Similarly if you can replace the token for Ethereum or Bitcoin, and it still works. Then guess what? There is no need for a real token in the first place.

No Exchange Is Looking At It

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It’s not something they say out in the open. But, the legal team doesn’t let the ICO team talk about exchanges. That’s the part of the game! All we do know is, that with every coin added on the exchange it benefits its early ICO investors. So, check if the coin is listed in a well-known exchange and only then think of investing.

The Sale Lasts Too Long

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If the public sale lasts too long then it’s a big NO! It’s probably because the cap is too freaking high or either the demand is super low. It’s just one of the signs you can know the ICO has no potential and it’ll be a really bad investment.

These are some of the red-signs screaming at you, to simply not invest. How do you find good ICO’s to invest in?

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