These Blockchain Powered Companies Are Revolutionizing The Way We Travel

Since the dawn of time, humans have been drawn to migrate to places they haven’t been to before. This inane desire is very much alive and thriving in today’s day and age whether to simply travel for the sake of travelling or to explore our beautiful world.


Our world is changing drastically and a huge reason for that are the technological advancements that the innovators among us create. Since the aim is to produce better and even better solutions to make travelling the world a real possibility that is accessible to the masses, the introduction of widely accessible blockchain technology to the travelling experience is no surprise.

Here are some ways in which blockchain is revolutionizing the way we travel;

Winding Tree

Ever wondered why it is super expensive to book flights or why it is so hard find your dream Airbnb that wouldn’t empty your wallet in the process? Well, if you have, you like many other enthusiastic travelers are in for a treat! Because the Winding Tree Foundation acts as a non-profit organization from Switzerland that wants to cut out those sneaky intermediaries that have teamed up with the giants of the travel industry in order to make it impossible for a free market to thrive.

This is bad for both consumers and other businesses that want to get into the travel industry. However, that’s where Winding Tree comes in! Where you can book and secure transactions on a public and decentralized platform and not have to go bankrupt for it!

Bee Token

The next company on our list is something very similar to AirBNB but unlike the mega homsharing business claims to the the first decentralized home sharing platform.  Aptly titled Beenest, it aims to create a sort of decentralized market place where consumers can find amazing holiday homes and hosts get to rent their homes up to make some extra cash.

Currently operating in Korea, Singapore and in London, the company features an extremely experienced and talented team of employees from big names such as Google, Uber and Even Facebook which shows the diversity and the innovation that is available in one corporation. . We’re building a middleman free, peer-to-peer network of hosts and guests on the decentralized web.


Air travel has become a huge part of how we travel, whether it is for business or for pleasure, it is the easiest way to get where we want the fastest. However, with all the breakthroughs in aviation technology, accidents in airplanes are still pretty common and according to the Aeron website, human error is the biggest cause of these.

To eliminate this error, Aeron brings blockchain powered solutions to ensure that consumer’s time spent traveling is comfortable and safe and the pilot’s job is made much easier. Blockchain has it’s benefits as it not only stores vital data but also ensures that it remains unaltered. Therefore the possibility of human error or fraudulent practices are reduced exponentially.

The database also quickly alerts aviation authorities in case pilots are detected flying with expired licenses.

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