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There is Hope for the Market to Flourish, says CIO Redacted Capital

Nick Cote, a trader and analyst, is CIO at Redacted Capital, a company that focuses on OTC services and aims to provide safe trading experience to the users. Nick is also the sales manager at Square Mining. Square, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is involved in the designing, manufacturing and deploying of high-performance computing solutions for the blockchain industry.

Recently, Nick responded on a tweet by Ran NeuNer, founder and CEO of Onchain Capital, a crypto investment and advisory business. Ran’s tweet was about the bear market. He predicted that the bear market might be over now. While narrating an incident that led to this thought, he stated that he received a call from one of the biggest exchanges who asked him about any projects interested in listing their tokens. The name of the exchange was not disclosed by Ran in his tweet. Extending the discussion, Nick was approached by BlockPublisher to get his take. He was asked if there was any hope for the bear market to flourish in the future. He replied with his opinion:

Of course. I think a bear market/time when sentiment is down is not a great time to be launching retail focused products. This is the time to build them and strategize how to grow them when the conditions to launch are right.

As the statement shows, Nick disagrees with Ran’s prediction. Moreover, Nick suggests that this is not the perfect time to launch any product in the first place. Instead, he advises that it’s time to work and build products so when the tables turn and right time comes, the products can be launched.

Crypto market has been down for some time now and crypto enthusiasts and investors have been waiting for quite long to witness the growth of the market. We need to wait for some time to accurately conclude the future of the market but while comparing the thoughts of both, Ran and Nick, it can be concluded that investors would be finding the wise words of Nick very favorable.

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