There is Data Science, Then there is Blockchain Brand Science

Branding is seen as either the most creative and extra ordinary thing that human beings have accomplished, or as the some devilish thing. This depends on who you are as a person, and what your believes tell you. Human beings are hated and loved by the structural forces. There is no power without the weakness of others, there is no threat other than the threat of the weak’s consciousness.

This is neither a lecture in structural politics, nor political economy, nor marketing. The attempt to understand what makes marketing effective is done by plenty. I am here to help us all better understand why it works so well, when it does.

At best, good branding adds to value of consumers life. The value is the highest when it improves their perception of themselves. I wonder why the health and fitness industry is among the biggest and fastest growing ones on the planet.

Cryptos help in marketing, giving the customers what they want, by instilling a need for the want, relevant to their social and hierarchical needs, while simultaneously giving them hope that they are most up to date and relevant in the fast moving world.

Brands rely on the public perception. When brands do something unique it sets them out. Duh, it is called brand differentiation. When brands do something absolutely crazy, they are either mocked as Avantgarde, or are celebrated for the times to come as pioneers or whatever.

People love MAYA tech. This concept refers to Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable ideas.

What is the most advanced business idea? A prominent service gradation or the most incredible and hip tech to be associated to? Whatever it is, can sell. The right technology serves as the right flavor to further your brand. The right flavor adds sass, and quality to the brand image. This flavor usually comes from technological advancement or other creative ventures (that today stem out of technology.) These include ideas such as a really cool Instagram campaign, Facebook or YouTube giveaways and E-commerce.

There is a fine line between both, of course. The association with cryptos falls under the acceptable and most advanced lot. The more one tops up on it the more their brand could benefit. It is a fun label. A really cool tag. Going gaga with it and taking the dog out to the towns by saying we only deal in cryptos from this point on ward may be a little too much drama that can take away from the brand. People may think the brand is stupid.

The flavor could be effective if people are told with a great deal of subtlety that hey, we have got the best in class idea, we use the top notch method to deliver the concept and we are good at making you feel good through our ideas, because our sole purpose is to add value to your life. Nonsense right? But, people suck it up. I suck it up. We all eat it real hard, if we did not businesses would have stopped doing it.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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