The World’s Most Advanced Blockchain Based City Has A Quota, And Is Waiting For You!

An actual city, not a game.

The city has been identified by the UN. It relies on a legal and social framework that nobody else has done. Naturally, the crime rate, vice and illicit activity will be lowest, while the demand for its citizenship and the public opinion will be unmatched ever!

So there are two ways to live here, one is by becoming a physical resident, second is by being a legal resident. The super complicated idea behind is really nothing but creating a physical, real city for people to live in, where law is unbreakable and where citizens are the best.

Physical Residents Are Provably Best?

The citizenship relies on various factors including education, ideology and skillset. Also the ability to pay. But, well, the city has the highest density of millionaires per capita, the highest level of education, the highest level of IT-literacy.

The model is really simple, citizens participate in the economy of the state by selling tokens on the external market. The limited quota is 30 000 000 citizens, this adds value to the city and makes it optimal to ensure the safety of governance in a way that Thomas Hobbes, Rousseau and Sartre would envy these times.

The tax rate is Zero-Mo-Fucking-%.

Legal Residents, Come Baby Let’s Help Build it!

It is a perfect token-model, implemented by the stringent guideline. The widest base of loyal consumers demonstrate permanent growth. The highest motivation allows great possibilities and it is a crazy dream come true, like no other place has been able to achieve.

Startups form the basis of the Decenturion economy, distributing 50% of their own tokens among citizens free of charge. This allows great innovation and interest of the customers.

Limited quota: absent Tax rate: 25% of gross profit, realized in the form of obligations on buy-out and burn-out of startup’s own tokens.

What does this do for you?

You become a part of the world’s first state with direct democracy and blockchain economy; You influence Decenturion policy – and together with other citizens define the path of its development; You get income of startups tokens in case of your passive participation and you get more in case of active participation and when holding ministerial positions.

You Can Submit Your Startup!

Make your own contribution to the development of the society and the renewal of the global paradigm. Get your CITIZENSHIP.

For Information and Further Probing, Here are all the Decenturion Ministries:

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