The World Is Numb And Stupid, Who is to blame?

We need accept cryptos no questions asked, we need to welcome blockchain like we let in the internet. It will be rewarding in more ways that we can think of.

The internet was welcomed in my family because of online games, for you it could because of a relative or friend studying at a long distant or for all the movies available online. Or because of Itunes. But, it was welcomed. Now is the time for cryptos and blockchain and it is pretty darn serious this time. Its about our global sanity.

Name 99 problems that the world has. 99/99 would have solutions to them. The kind that are not only uncalled for and unasked for, but also as much as experts, scientists, governments hate them, they are freely available and continuously shared on social media.

The world problems such as poverty, unemployment, hate crimes, global debt and what not are all solvable issues. But, when we talk about such a big place, the whole world, its very hard to find that one person or collective responsible for the mess.

There is no major authority. This means that no body is in charge.

So, um, who let the dogs out? Where is the person now?

Well, that is a debate for another time.

Another problem is that the whole world is a rugged terrain. There is different political and economic climate everywhere. People are scattered despite ideas such as time-space convergence, there are borders, language barriers and racism everywhere.

Plus, while you may live in a place which you think is a pure democracy (focus on the *think*), someone else might not. The priorities of your country might be different than another one close by. The world is not ruled by one. There is no moral high priest goood enough to take charge and guide the world rightly so, to benefit all.

This makes it very difficult for change to be one-off and instant, despite the #Meetoo times.

But, not all hope is dead. Tech is quickly changing the world (even if it is to further the capitalist banner in the name of public benefits). Blockchain serves as a solution for so many domains. This can be implemented on all local, international public and global affairs so to resolve issues via smart contracts.

It has made it possible for people to develop trust online. So if online business, government data, policies, funds and donations were not trust worthy before, were they of any use at all? What good were they?!

Anyhow. Since internet trust is now achievable via blockchain based networks then it is entirely possible for people to compile together a system that is purely democratic.

Imagine a possibility that an owner-less, democratically owned by all human beings (every single one), network of arbitrarily agreed upon consensus rules the whole world. No government, no kings, no military rule. A free of power, completely decentralized authority of all on all.

That is the kind of world that this planet can turn in to. But, who should take the first steps? This is where we are stuck. Where the human race is stuck at.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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