The Weird Series; Cryptocollectibles!

So it seems that the weirdness just grows on you with time and right now, it’s growing on crypto collectibles!

To be honest, ever since I did a piece on weird cryptocurrencies, I have been more intrigued by all of this than the real deal. So as my weird nerves continue to tingle, I have rounded up some of the absurd crypto collectibles.

Though as you all might be aware, the pioneer of this idea were cryptokitties, and since it hasn’t stopped and continued to produce some real gems – all sarcastically.


In case you grew up playing “Sim City”, like me, then its time to thank the developer Ben Nolan, the creator of CryptoVoxel. This indie gamer was trying to create a virtual world where people could own and explore. The whole blockchain innovation came as a revolution to him as he realized that his dream can very much come true.

Then CryptoVoxels emerged, a three-dimensional space visible with virtual reality goggles.

You can own your own pieces of land or sell them, build over the land, add buildings and structures. However, it seems to be in its initial stages. Someday, it will all be colored – for now, everything is black and white.

Nolan has received a good response from the community but there’s a lot of work to be done still.


Much similar to cryptokitties, this breeds “sentient metals” into new cartoon characters that evoke geological imagery. If put simply, they are just cartoonish rocks. When CryptoCrystals want to bang, we call it melting – as in the crystals are melting into a new one.

So, in this, you mine as well. Not the boring Bitcoin or Ethereum – where your computer does the work to secure a network – but instead, users buy a tool called “pickaxe” through tokens and use it to obtain crystals.

The company makes its money by selling pickaxes while rest of the operations in the game do not cost more than their gas price. Some percentage of the profit also goes to the Ethereum Foundation to support it.

But here’s the thing; they are much similar to actual rocks as they too have a finite supply and pickaxes will produce half as much crystals with each passing year.

So if you have an inner Ross somewhere in you, this is the time to unleash it and go berserk.


Well, the name sounds cool but is it as cool as we expect it to be?

So it seems that HyperDragon is not limited to just its platform but is in fact allowed to interact with another team’s project. Making use of decentralization, it can go across and eat your cryptokitty!!

And, this even allows them to absorb all the cattributes that share a wallet with the dragon.

The gameplay is divided into three parts; collecting, breeding and consuming, battling warrior dragons one on one and castle defense, where you protect your resources from predators – aka, invading players.

‘Bird in the Shell’

Soo… this is by a nameless artist playing around.

SuperRare is an app that lets you create new digital works and offer them for sale on Ethereum. Which is a great idea and can continue to boom in the coming years.


This is different yet interesting. Till now we have been seeing collectibles that are visual but they can also be sound…. Hmm.

What started as a side project by two staff members at Serbian blockchain company Decenter, CryptoJingles started at the end of 2017.

Coming out after the CryptoKitty boom, I noticed they are all variations of you owning some sort of an avatar (an image). I was looking what else could we tokenized,” Nenad Palinkasevic, one of the co-founders.

CryptoJingles are basically snippets that can be mixed together to create something new. For now, there are 100 snippets of music that people can use. Once you create a jingle, it’s stored on to the blockchain and thus cannot be replicated. It is unique.

You can choose to keep the ownership or sell it off to someone else.

Panda Earth

I feel all warm and mushy just thinking about it. Who doesn’t love Pandas?!

On the surface, it looks exactly like CryptoKitties and we are slightly tired of repetition as well. But hey, before you jump to any conclusion, the main difference is that some of the crypto pandas represent real-world pandas tracked by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas.

That’s so cool, wtf?!

They too breed little digital pandas.


Saving the best for the last like always. CryptoTitties are cartoon boobs made by a development firm called 7th Wave.

What came out as a joke got a little serious when Gilbert’s, one of the founders, mother concurred cancer. This made him change his mind and put it to good use. Now it supplies cannabis products to women with the disease.

There’s no limit to your imagination in this one as you can choose to create as many boobs you want. One? Two? Three? Five? Six??? It’s endless.

So go create sum boobies.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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