The War Between Crypto Antagonists and Protagonists

The cryptop-market is not ordinary for some people. Especially for the one’s who’ve been a part of the crypto-verse for a long-time. There have been many attempts to decode the various catchphrases identified with crypto to be more familiar with the crypto-space.

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Some already have a fair idea about crypto being the future of the globalized currency. While other’s are a bit more skeptical of its nature and see crypto as a scam and more like gold mine for money laundering and a platform for criminal exercises.

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Whatever it may be, the crypto-sphere is developing at an extremely rapid pace!

The Rationales Of The Crypto-Antagonist’s

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Despite the growth and progress of cryptocurrency globally. There are a few odd fishes in the see that still believe Bitcoin is a scam and a big pump-and-dump conspiracy, which the world has never experienced before. But, if you’re wondering how exactly does pump-and-dump work? In a pump-and-dump, the promoters pump up the price of a coin and make it seem like it’s the trendiest coin in the market. But, when the craze is at its peak, it’s when they decide to dump a portion of their possessions at fake high prices.

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What’s even worse? There are some crypto’s are just plain frauds and have only one intention to rip off people. According to experts, 10% of the money raised for initial coin offering has been stolen and will not be recovered. In all honesty, the people who fall prey to scams are mostly badly educated purchasers who don’t do their research before investing in a coin. Whereas some investors are impatient and make bad decisions in the spur of the moment. But, a good investor and traders knows that emotional decisions in the crypto-market always bite you in the bum!

The Rationales of The Crypto-Protagonists

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No matter what the antagonists say, the crypto-enthusiasts of Bitcoin and other crypto’s can never see cryptocurrency as a scam. For them crypto is the future of currency globally. In the eyes of some prominent investors, Bitcoin is still in the early stage of its global adoption. However, for the crypto-enthusiasts Bitcoin has already revolutionized e-commerce tremendously. There are so many merchants who have started to accept Bitcoin as method of payment because of its vast adoption among the people.

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The people have opened up their hearts to Bitcon and are glad that they did. The blockchain technology has massively changed how the people pay for things and its benefits are being recognized world-wide. For instance, the blockchain technology is being used to have more efficient and reliable supply chains by the pharmaceutical industry.

Bitcoin is a crypto which has showed its real potential and proof of transactions by the help of the blockchain technology. These transactions can never ever be reversed or altered in anyway possible. It’s immutable! It’s also believed the blockchain technology is completely hack proof because there is not a single entity governing the blocks, it’s the whole world which means your Bitcoin can never ever be stolen.

Which one are you? Antagonist or Protagonist?

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