The Virtual Currency Girls

Japan has its Own Bitcoin-themed Pop Group!

Though this news is so last year, we don’t know why there wasn’t much hype regarding it. If you’re a little late to the party – like me – then you ought to know about the Japanese bitcoin themed pop group that took Japan by storm. The place of possibilities and all things strange, you could have only expected something like this happening in Japan.

The cryptocurrency craze takes center stage and this time presented itself in the form of an all-female Japanese pop group. The eight-member who make up this dynamic “Virtual Currency Girls” sing songs about digital currencies. With their bitcoin themed songs to various cryptocurrency costumes, it’s all a treat!

The group leader of Reuter commented that they are; “so convenient you kind of have to wonder why we didn’t have them before.” Each member adorns a costume in the color theme of different digital currency brands and their logos cover their face. A symbolic representation of anonymity in their own style.

Members of JapanÕs idol group ÒVirtual Currency GirlsÓ wearing cryptocurrency-themed masks perform on their debut stage in Tokyo, Japan, January 12, 2018.

It doesn’t stop here because they even sell their merchandise in bitcoins – it can be purchased on venue along with concert tickets. The band’s salary is also paid in digital currency. Nice way to increase crypto sales, eh?

A fan (L) pays in virtual currency to take a picture with one of his favorite performers after a live stage of the idol.

The group name reads as Kasotsuka Shojo and they introduce themselves as the digital currency they are dressed up as. They are meant to educate the public about the crypto world. The group leader, Rara Naruse said,

“We want to promote the idea through entertainment that virtual entertainment that virtual currencies are not just a tool for speculation but are a wonderful technology that will shape the future.”

Their first song called “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me” seems to take its inspiration from the warning issued by various regulators regarding how to keep your cryptos safe. It’s a fun, online lecture that is easier to remember instead of reading up those lengthy articles with twisted lingo that makes no sense to beginners!

Japan has always been very advanced when it comes to technology and their endorsement of recognizing crypto as a legal form of currency doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a country of innovation and what better way could be to learn about cryptos in such a fun way? Only Japan could have thought of something like this and we are glad they did. This is one of the coolest things to come out of cryptocurrency, and yeah I know I keep saying this but I can’t help it! Everything about this technology is cool!!

We can now jingle to some crypto tunes when we’re feeling a little crypto-ey!

And, do a lot of learning along our way as well.

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As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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