The Uncanny Relationship Between Ethereum and McDonald’s

We have all heard about the good stuff happening between Starbucks and Bitcoin. We know how important it is for adoption and demystification of cryptocurrencies. But, have we heard of the relationship between Ethereum and McDonald’s? Probably not. It’s probably because nobody has figured it out yet, well, what can I say, people, don’t pay attention as we do.

Ethereum is the second most famous crypto, only after bitcoin, only until the flippening happens. Bitcoin was the first crypto and thus, holds a different kind of value over all other cryptos. Starbucks has that delicate aroma attached to its name, it has that special wake-me-up in the morning feel to it, whereas McCafe is the more on the go, drive-thru every day good stuff happy-go-lucky vibe. While Starbucks was the original mover into this game, the bigger player in terms of its cult, McCafe does bring new stuff to the table, like more affordability for the price, more quantity, more kick, and more coffee-ness. This is exactly the case for cryptos Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How do you like your coffee?

Now the question is that what do you like? Its all come down to this, to the last consumer, to the last unit of demand, to the last dollar. Will you pitch two cents for The flippening or will you let bitcoin rule us all? How do you like your coffee? Traditional and boujee or Modern and simple? That is the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. And you get to decide.

Ethereum on the fall, but we just got here?

Yes, yes, cryptos are volatile, and they keep falling like they keep rising. There is no medium-mild time. There is only good coffee or bad, and these two cryptos are good. They are ‘acquired taste’ but chances are you will find your favorite in either one of these, despite how unique or bold you are.

McDonald’s is catching up yo, it is doing a cuter job at this game okay. So what if it wasn’t the first one who got here, in the limited three or four years that it did, it opened up the avenue to 2000+ others. Numbers talk baby! And, that is some number! 😉

Khunsha Javed

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