The Truth About Crypto-Speculators!

All the crypto-speculator has got a bad rap. Crypto-enthusiasts themselves cringe when they hear the speculators accuse them of living in their own “crypto-bubble” which will pop in time. “Crypto needs regulation” is another phrase we often get to hear from the crypt-speculators.

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The phrase itself incites strong negative reactions. So, the question remains. Who are these crypto-speculator and what should we really think of them?

You’ll have to scroll till the end to find out. And, hey! No cheating!

Who Are These Crypto-Speculators?

Well in any market, speculators are there. They are perceived as an evil, a parasite looking to drain some blood (mostly money) from the market. In the crypto-verse these crypto-speculators have only one goal in the market to gain on the future price movements. They might seem like us, but we have much more love for the crypto-world than they do.

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That is if, they have any love at all. They basically have no interest in the promotion of the underlying technology, promises and values of the technology itself. They don’t have a single bone in their body where they would like to facilitate the mass adoption and deeper understanding of the technology and its application from the public. All they really care about? Trading! Charts! Profits! That’s all. Pretty selfish don’t you think?

But Let’s Make An Important Distinction

The thing is, we need to make an important distinction between the speculators and the manipulators. Trust us, the crypto-verse has its very own set of lying and cheating manipulators. They are known as the scammers. The ones who have ruined the good reputation of the crypto-world and belong in jail.

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The speculators on the other hand are still decent human beings. They are the market agents who use the public information and their own judgement to make bets on the future movements in price.

Why Do Some Hate the Crypto-Speculators

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The majority of the crypto-investors (most of the members in the crypto-community really. Yes, even the hodlers) are in for to make money. But, they don’t see themselves as crypto-speculators when they truly are. Maybe its time to open your eyes and rethink if you’re a crypto-speculator or not?

The Hard Truth and Hypocrisy. Oh my!

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We are all too quick to pass judgements on others for being dirty speculators. Who are trying to suck the blood out of the market and profits from all the “real” investors. While, the hard truth is quite different. In reality, we are no different than them and we are delusional about it.

Deep down in our hearts, we perceive as something that lacks morals and contribution to the development of the community. But, it’s simple human nature isn’t it? We are inherently programmed to gather to the best of our abilities! Then we criticize those who do the same. Isn’t that a bit too hypocritical huh?

What Should We Make Out Of All Of This??

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Crypto-speculators are hated for not caring about the development of the community. They don’t give a crap about spreading the crypto-values either. They are looked at as leeches sucking the money out of the market and not adding any value to the environment. But, most of us might be doing the same!

So, if you’re worried that you might fall into the category of a crypto-speculator then it’s time to rethink your choices and think of ways to contribute to the community. That’ll be a good place to start from! A true member of the crypto-community is in for the long run and wants the crypt-space to prosper!

Do you think you are a crypto speculator? If yes are you willing to change that?

Maira Zaheer

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