The Skinny White Male Privileged Nerve of Tech

No darlings, this is not a hate or rant post against any person, group or idea. This is not intended to hurt or offend any form of power, cultural bias or ideological structure.

Of course, it is no news that men have dominated the cryptosphere. White men, in particular. Just like the traditional investment industry. Stocks and bonds, who buys them? Who trades them? People like the wolf of Wall Street. Yes, of course there are women, the number is increasing with every generation, but it is still a male dominant industry.

What is being done to handle this? Well, a few things here and there, but no one really cares. People make products for men, men buy them, people get money and they do not see an issue with this dynamic.

In a saturated market, things are different. Niches like ethnic and gender minorities are paid attention to. This is only to fill the gaps and actually expand their profit resource. Or it is so that these minorities can be fed with the inflated promises of product differentiation (a.k.a product deception). Either way, it is for the profits ya’all! Don’t suck too hard on it. Let it stay lose. Because the real deal are the cryptos.

Yes, nobody and only a small invisible niche is there to cater to the needs of women. May it be in trading consultancy, in interest and awareness management or in the tokenopia, the attention to women is limited.

The attention to ethnic varieties and other economic backgrounds than that of U.S. and Europe is also lacking. The lack of attention towards various age groups, generations and people of different economic classes are also very mediocre.

It is a new industry and thus, nobody will care to fix it until the market is so full of itself, that it needs to resort to people by tailoring to their needs. This has been the story of tech since always. Cryptos are not new to it.

And we need to make it stop.

No this is not a speech. Not a lecture. Only the truth.

Our entire section of Unfiltered, is dedicating to troubleshooting and problem resolution to empower people. Because, that is what people need. They need to feel empowered in a way that their self esteem allows them to think and do better for themselves. So, instead of thinking they are not equipped, deserving or capable of transforming their lives, they actually do something about it to achieve desired and quantified goals.

The skinny white male privileged nerve of tech can not extend to cryptos forever, this is a new industry and we need to make it stop. We do so by demanding the gaps to be filled how and where we like it. Let the power of consumer choice be on our side this time. Let there be things and ideas for us, catering us, from the get-go of it all. Today will determine what the future is like. So lets Suit Up!

We have heard the story of the Bitcoin Kid, and what not. So gear up, and tell us where you’d like to start, we will help you break walls, ceilings and whatever else is holding you back!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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