The Silk Road and Bitcoin

Thinking of Bitcoin rarely comes without the thought of drugs. Bitcoin gained a great deal of importance and attention when a web page called The Silk Road, that was shut down for illegality in 2013, initially showed up. This is a long long time ago. No web page is started or is inherently illegal, its services and what it offers may be though.

The dark web, is often used to gain banned extreme porn, prostitution, drugs and hit-men. It sounds crazy but yes, people do need this stuff in their lives But, as long as it does not hurt another, it is okay. Of course this makes the hit-man possibility a big fat no. But, things with no extended harm and wherever the harm principle applies are okay.

The Silk Road offered people good drugs and bad drugs. They came with a price, lived for a really long time, people spread the goodness through the word of mouth, until the network grew too huge law enforcers figured what was going on.

Majority of drugs came from Germany, but they were shipped worldwide. The web page also found out ways to send concealed parcels even in the countries with extremely intact checks and balances. This happened through bitcoin. The governments were not as attentive to the bitcoin transactions, there was a money trail but not the kind that was super traceable. This meant that people could chill out buying crazy amounts of ecstasy, or what we call here E, and the government would not know per se.

Tracking down the drug traffickers in the real economy in human bodies is one thing and it primarily worked on tips that the law enforcers got from angry friends and family members of the drug buyers. The criminal families or mafias were responsible for a lot drug distribution but they have been so huge and dangerous that governments can rarely handle them.

This is one of the reasons why the war on drugs failed, more so, it had to. With the advent of digital currencies this is the first thing that had to happen. It was a given.

The silk road was both monitored and global. This just went on to saying that blockchain was such a unique platform that people didn’t care to find out!

Also this was possible because buyers, sellers and the money used were all actually not names or places they were just hashes, or algorithms that were used to represent them. There was no Chain-analysis back then to find out what is what, so it could go on for a long time. Now there is no silk road, and anything else is monitored better by governments. It is five years later after all!

Khunsha Javed

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