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The Republic Protocol Switches to Building Example Application Using Their SDK Developed Prior

The Republic Protocol, a decentralized network utilizing secure multi-party computation (sMPC) in order to keep the information displayed to a possible minimum announces that they have finished their development of SDK and have now moved towards giving form to an example application which they will form over the developed SDK, the outcome of the rigorous developmental process. The officials announced that the specific exchange feature to the Republic Protocol, the exchange RenEX SDK was under development for quite sometime and has yet reached completion leading to a newer goal of designing the example application to operate over the exchange. BlockPublisher took the direct statements of the Republic Protocol officials jotting down the words as down below.

As we have successfully developed the SDK for RenEX, we now advance to developing an example application using the SDK to accompany the upcoming release.

The Republic Protocol officials have also included the link to the Javascript for the SDK in order to install, import and using the SDK and additional ones to ease up the developer process offering the developer package. The developer package includes javascript to build and run tests over the SDK to pick out flaws and work out a solution.

The hype circles the new announcement as the dark pool exchange protocol moves on with their progress to build the exchanges of their bearing all the features of their choosing that is what they see fit for an ideal exchange. The application would be an add-on bearing features which will allows the user to perform a specific function over an exchange. There are other exchanges which have associated applications to their exchanges for example to deal with the transactions and the currency conversion.

Republic Protocol boasts that its exchange RenEX is the very first in history to being dark pool exchanges plus being mathematically fair and correct. The Republic Protocol folks have their own take turning more detailed as they define their own exchange.

Dark pool exchanges powered by Republic Protocol support large volume trades, with minimal price slippage and market impact, whilst guaranteeing the rules of the dark pool cannot be broken. This is the first dark pool to exist in the history of financial markets that is mathematically provable to be fair.

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