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The Next Bitcoin Halving Will Coincide With The Greatest Financial Collapse Of All Time, Says The CEO Of Bull Bitcoin

The chief executive officer and the co-founder of bull bitcoin, created as a merger between satoshi portal and bitcoin brains, Francis Pouliot, hints at a coming chronological event for the cryptos. Though this is very much technical with the cryptos solely, the fact reflects the genius of the creator of bull bitcoin. He states that the next event when the bitcoin miners get a reward half of what they currently obtain, the event is likely to coincide with the greatest financial collapse the world has ever witnessed. He relates his statement to many factors that are building up to this particular happening that resides over the financial chronology. As BlockPublisher delved deeper into the very statement, the attempt to extract some remarks from the very man was rather successful.

The greatest financial collapse of all time is likely to happen during the time the bitcoin miners get their reward cut in an exact half.

Though the statement seems rather vague if stated solely, Francis associated his remarks with further explanations too that explained the catastrophe that according to him is currently brewing up. Pouliot gives out a timeline starting from June 2020 to January 2021 as this would be the craziest of all times for the financial assets altogether which sounds rather creepy and straight queer as he has put forth such a precise duration for his predictions to get realized.

The only thing keeping this House of Cards from collapsing is the market perceiving low probability of popular revolutions and revolt against forced labor (taxes), confiscation of wealth (inflation) and the allocation of wealth and privileges that maintain stock market Ponzi.

Francis regards that what is currently stopping the financial unrest are the lesser amount of popular mutinies and revolts that bear the power to drive people to such big time things. The CEO of bull bitcoin again turns to his eerie side as he gives out yet another queer remark.

But they don’t see what we see: the skin and soul in the game of the revolutionaries hiding in plain sight. They are allergic to it. They hate it. They don’t understand it. They don’t plan for it. It will be their downfall.

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