The Neophyte Crypto Platform, TIP Wraps Up its ICO and Bounty

TIP, a recent inclusion to the crypto-blockchain realm, comes out in the broad daylight amidst the crypto competition concluding its ICO and the Bounty program dated 18th of August, 2018. TIP introduces a brand new way to get to a specific person, an extension to the blockchain network where people are specified a grossly easy username to be identified with.

As per TIP’s statement, their initial coin offering and bounty has ended, promising the investors and the participants of the program their due tokens of the TIP cryptocurrency inside the duration of two weeks. The TIP folks have counted down the days to eventual conclusion of their ICO and bounty which has spread an immense knowledge among the investors and peers alike. TIP has previously claimed to have garnered in a thousands of people already; they have mentioned a same amount to have secured themselves a unique username which TIP hails as the major feature of theirs.

TIP strives to pull off a number of feats, altogether comprising eventually to attain a single objective i.e. to encourage the ‘mass adoption’ of not only their platform but the entire crypto world. The plus point their platform brings to the table is the extension that the blockchain of theirs is easy to scroll and reach a specific person via the short usernames that have been assigned to the users of the TIP platform alongside simple crypto addresses. The platform also initiated the bounty program for the participants to spread the word about the new sheriff in town. The bounty program actually incentivizes the task of advertising the platform to newer people over the crypto network delivering the news of the latest features the technology bears, encouraging the newer folks in return to come over board.

TIP announced the 20% bonus as it started welcome in more investors and users in order to further maximize participation. They at the end resorted to another bonus but this time a mere 10% hinted at their ballgame of squeezing the participations till the last breath. As they proceeded with their ICO, alongside their blockchain filling up with some rather easy sounding cool usernames (as they suggested so), they released a demo discovery app for people to explore the platform and get familiar to what they are about to invest into.

As the number of participants grew over time, they still felt a room for more as they put another offer on the table for the participants to savor. With every referral, a participant got a hold of 10 more tokens as the offer of 25 free tokens remained intact nevertheless. The demo discovery app also featured the current status of the token sale, as the token sale embarked on the final days for the TIP ICO. The TIP tokens have been scheduled to be integrated on Bancor and IDEX both of which can arise some intrigue amongst the crypto users. Bancor is the ‘standard’ to initiate the Smart Tokens while IDEX is the exchange, decentralized in nature which provides a safer route for trading and hints at an Ethereum-TIP interaction. Though much has not been remarked over this, we might see a solid response from the developers making them good on their words as they announced that the step is underway and is set to complete also in a two weeks time.

What’s the take?

What TIP seeks to accomplish can bring the crypto market out in the open, for normal random folks to relish from. Millennials and later generation though see a charm in technology but the introduction of technology to the likes of Baby Boomers and the Generation X requires simplifying the entire system from bits. TIP strives to reach to this very idealization where crypto market would be easily accessible to every person around the globe as the digital assets and the virtual market are the bullets to bite for a longer term.

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