The Most Lucrative Blockchain Start-Up Idea?

We all need to set off some of our steam every now and then. We are so busy everyday. Our lives are on an all time rut, things change color, shape and mood every now and then. It is so hard to keep up with the trends, the social media and what not.

We have forgotten a thing called spare time. There is no time to reminisce. No time to speak your mind. No mind to work it all out. Things bottle up. People burn out. Life is fast. Nothing makes sense.

Governments makes laws. Laws that limit people. People are left with hampered creativity and troubled minds. Laws limit freedoms. Freedom of speech, curbed. Freedom of thought, choked. Freedom of expression, absent.

Social and personal thought has ceased to exist in pieces of this land called earth. The do’s and don’ts the how’s and why’s of who could say what and what not, the social and legal confines, it all has made this busy life too isolating and alienating despite all of these social media options.

Endless scrolling and yet no venting possible. I would not rant on my Facebook, i can simply not stand the moral high priests and the ideas that insinuate my heart and soul. I can not Tweets things that i feel are too silly, embarrassing or cute for my work colleagues. I find Instagram too, too gloaty. Nobody to write letters to.

There are days where you and i have wondered that in the information dumpster called world where and what is a social interaction? (been there, had to seriously think for a few minutes.)

So, between the need to interact, speak up, scream and shout, and all these less helpful more stressful tools, what can possibly build a bridge of happiness?

Think, baby, think. 

Picture this – A platform for all, no discrimination on race, color, creed or whatever. No limitations on what can be and what can not be said, based on Your approval, Your needs, Your desires.

A chat room but tailored for your suiting.

An online Hyde park. An online podium accessible for all. Looks like a pretty picture, right?

Whatever you say stays on the platform, no taking it down, no shutting it, no hatred, no rooood words, no pain. Like it? We like it too. I would like my word to be ingrained into the stone of time. This could be achieved, monetized, made happen and made possible for all of us to finally have an outlet.

Conventional means and tools have not yet let us have such an opportunity to enjoy or there would have been no need for this post, this idea and this void would not exist. Blockchain tech, the new mode for future of technology can make it happen. Duh! No brainer! We all need this stuff in our steamy over demanding lives.

Make things easier please! Yo, i am in!

Now imagine it becoming a reality soon. Oooh. You like it too right? Yummy. Leaves a good taste in my over worked mind.

Could it be a cure to the great American burn out? Could it be the nirvana tool we all have been looking for since time immemorial??

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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