The life of a CryptoKitty

Community Life of a Kitty

CryptoKitties enjoy a wholesome community life. 3rd party apps help people to determine which cat is their best bet, which one is rising in demand and which one is the hottest on the market. The game allows people to breed based on Algorithms and traits or characteristics make it a whole new experience for a digital goods lover.

There are Contests held for these kitties. Just like your average dog show or pet competition. For example, a contest was held to find out who is the ugliest kitty of all? The results concluded – Derpface. Physical features and traits are actually enlisted in the DNA of the kitties. Undesirable DNA’s help in creating insanely rare kitties. This is called the GeneScience.

Gene Science –  The secret sauce?

A secret algorithm helps in creating more cats or breeding. This is based entirely on the genes, code of each gene involved, characteristics, color and feature details. Much like the human genetics. Mutation and evolution happens when the unknown properties mingle of two cats. Each cat consists of some traits that only show up in their offspring.

Cattributes, Meow!

Each cat contains 12 physical features, all of this is done by human template designers and artists. However, once created these attributes can not be altered, tampered or changed.

They may include the eye color, body color, how wild or timid the cat will be, unknown features plus unknown magic traits that show up in their offspring, patterns and body types among others.

All of this is based on extensive work done by artists and designers who have worked on each feature for a long period of time, and then the blockchain coders have arranged the subjects in a way that corresponds to the needs of the users by both surprising them, and also satisfying their cat needs.

Can a digital good be Rare?

When I was young, i would download stuff off the internet, not knowing where it came from, not knowing what copyrights etc were. Just like that so many people actually go on believing that none of it matters, no rights no digital laws can prevent from goods being stolen, copied and illegally used. Well, blockchain has changed that. We can keep things safe out here.

Is Your Kitty Safe?

No copying means no cheap replication of original items, no knock offs of the kitties can be made right. So no, your kitty will can not be downloaded off a torrent site. Your kitty i more than an image, it is an algorithm and that bish is hard to break down. The underlying body of work is a wonder that helps in creating the uniquest and sometimes the cutest kitties, who would tamper with that after all.

Safe of abduction?

CryptoKitties can be played with in a great amount of ways. Games allow you to help your kitty win a tournament, you can play with them as a 32 card deck game, pet show down and what not. Yeah, well, you can not take it out for a walk or something of the sort. But, your kitty is original! If you have it, Only you have it. You own its code, its DNA. while the art still belongs to Axiom Zen, the code will be yours until you decide to sell it.

We love to push away our dark and haunting spells of melancholia, loneliness and despair. In this dystopic world, what is better than a cute and rare kitty to cheer us up. It is high time that the tech that draws us in an inertia or voids and darkness, becomes our lift-me-up. Welcome kitties, welcome to our lives.

So, how is that for a collectible, rare breed exotic pet?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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