The Kind Of Dating Apps Available, Pick Your Poisons!

Facebook announced at the F8 Conference this year, in may that it will soon be launching it’s own dating platform. Globalization and rapid spread of ideas such as open relationships, sex outside marriage, label-less sex and having multiple partners at multiple points in time has changed cultures worldwide.

This also means that a concept previously very risky and almost a cause for assault, hate crimes, racial incidences and even honor killings is now relaxed. There is a development of rituals around exogamy (the custom of marrying outside your tribe), there is a great deal of acceptance for inter racial marriages, cross cultural and the age of marrying is now not as big a deal as it would have been previously in eastern and some western cultures. This disengagement has cause a major demand for newer systems of courtship, dating, espousing, mingling or whatever you want to term it as.

More and more businesses are trying to solve their share of issues they see in the dating world with their businesses, however these firms keep failing actively.

The biggest platforms are all problem laden. Problems of identity, intolerance, lying and deceit, scam and sickos, inappropriate dickpic senders and fap-artists have affected all of the platforms around us. And seems like they are so big that no corrective measure or mediator can work its magic to curb the inappropriate and nauseating behavior that people may come across on such networks. These include some names like Match, Tinder, Zoosk, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid.

Then, there are some really niche and stupid dating agencies. Sweatt for example encourages the fitness-obsessed to make dates for workouts, with a profile that includes how often you work out and when.

Settle for Love allows people to agree to settle for mediocre love for the sake of it. HighThere! is working to match up marijuana lovers, so much for vibe tribing. Gluten Free Singles focuses on bringing gluten free people together. Farmers Only is an online dating platform for country styled love in the suburbs or on the farms. Such a rebel way to live life. There are so many Sam Hunt songs that can come to one’s mind thinking of this. Lol.

In the middle of all the traditional apps based on the traditional cloud and internet services, blockchain is causing some turmoil. It is time to shake things up after all! Blockchain apps are changing the way people date. Luna is working on the best match making through randomizing the matches to the best possible way. LoveBlock is coming up with a way to gamify the dating experience and allow users to rate each other. Dateme, Amorito, Viola are doing their thing. The industry will be problem free in no time and dating will be easier than ever!

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