The Introduction of a New Crypto Game Which Actually Requires Skills

Crypto games were all about purchasing items from digital currency but the need to change was realized by a start up and launched Ether Kingdoms that is actually based on game play skills and isn’t about owning cryptocurrency. The developers of this new game believed that people needed more opportunities to actually make virtual money and thus, the invention of Ether Kingdoms took place giving the audience a chance to increase their assets.

The gameplay consists of characters called imps who work as warriors and workers in the game. These imps help the players dig for IMP tokens and can also be used for battles against other players. On winning a round, players leave the battlefield with the remaining imps and more the imps, more they search for the tokens. And these tokens can actually help players make real money, believe it or not.

The game also provides players the opportunities to enhance their imps which are hidden in the game. The further a player enhances its imp, the better it performs against other players (imps) in the field of battle. However, enhancing an imp is not an easy task as loot required to help an imp grow in the game is quite tricky to find. Also, on better performances in the game, players get rewarded with loot boxes filled with tools to enhance their imps, based on their position on the leader board.

Gamers do love game plays like these in which they have to use their skills to perform better in a game. Facing challenges to enhance the characters, competing against other players and also having the opportunity to make real money out of the game, who wouldn’t want to play? Quite an addictive game, in my opinion.

If we talk about the mechanics of the game, it is no hidden truth that the game has elements which do not use smart contracts but instead the concept of gas consumption is used despite the basis of the game being on blockchain technology, as explained by the developing team. The team of Ether Kingdoms indicated towards another blockchain technology based game, Cryptokitties, which used the same concept (gas consumption) in developing the game and explained that it was pretty much the reason behind the game’s success.

Cryptokitties’ formula put the industry under pressure in order to use similar mechanics for a better product for consumers and forced them to use similar concepts for further developments to compete. Ether Kingdoms is, however, confident that the gameplay will not cost them a very large amount of gas for mining and battles in the game but will give players a fast and secure experience in playing the game.

To track the actions of players in the game, the developers have used the MetaMask wallet to store all operations for verification, this would help the game become more rapid and also free from glitches and illegal actions within the game, giving a more transparent and reliable experience to the players.

The game has different levels and with each level, access to new mines can be achieved to dig for more IMP tokens regularly. The number of imps increases as players get into more battles with other players as they earn more experience and points. The option to send the imps army all out for attack in the field of battle comes when players reach the most advanced level of the game.

A fine feature included in the game play is that highly trained bots are designed in the game for players to battle against so that they do not have to wait for other players to show online in order to battle. This battle-on-demand feature will not leave the players hanging as they can battle against equally competitive bots whenever they want and might as well find them more challenging.

Moreover, the game also has special characters called “bosses” in the game. Each level of the game has a boss that must be defeated in order for players to win special prizes but these bosses do not come too often, maybe once in a dozen times?

Finally, the game has continually evolved since its launch in May. New game modes are set to be introduced to keep bringing change and enhancing the gameplay, keeping in accordance with the market demand. In the coming year, events are considered to be hosted for the game which may provide players a chance to clan up and battle for more valuable prizes and the thought of introducing the game on mobile phones has also been the topic of discussion among the team and the audience too but it is still subjective to the fact that crypto-based games are not allowed on most application stores. Hence, the question of platform support arises.

Therefore, there is constant growth and advancement for players as they move up the ladder in the game leading to more opportunities for collecting IMP tokens by using their game play skills. The game has been carefully designed according to the needs of consumers (gaming community mostly) so that a larger audience can be targeted.

Jaudat Sulehri

A management student, sports enthusiast and a writer. Jaudat gives his insights on the cryptocurrency in the world of trade and blockchain technology in particular. He also holds investments in XRP and BCH. Contact the editor at editor.opinions@blockpublisher.com

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