“The Impact of Institutional Investors give Credibility to the Blockchain Technology”- Founder of BlockchainBTM

Blockchain technology has proven its significance to many. Anthony Pompliano, the founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, stated that blockchain was a prerequisite for an automated world. Besides this, there are numerous blockchain enthusiasts who look forward to the offerings of the blockchain. To ensure that their hopes remain alive in the future, mass adoption becomes a necessity. For mass adoption to become a practical reality, institutional investors become very influential.

To explore the impact of institutional investors on the blockchain industry and the mass adoption process, BlockPublisher reached out to the founder of BlockchainBTM, Javad Afshar, who then responded:

The impact of institutional investors give credibility to the blockchain technology and their investment will also expand the research and the creation of applications in the ecosystem.

BlockchainBTM inc. owns a digital network of Blockchain Teller Machines (BTMs) with physical locations. The founder of the company moved further and elaborated the types of companies who were potentially capable of acting as institutional investors. He said:

The names that qualify as institutional investors are investment management companies and banking corporations.

Blockchain is often not supported by many as people argue against the capabilities of the underlying technology by claiming that it has limited use cases. Kristine Mallari, communications officer at BlockchainBTM, provided insights to BlockPublisher on the use cases of the blockchain. Kristine said:

There are several used cases that I can expound to that will help lessen the paperwork, make productivity efficient via smart contract protocols and gets rid of intermediaries.

She further added:

The most valuable used cases for the implementation of blockchain are in the supply chain, where they can keep track of the provenance of a certain product or commodity. Within a consensus of networks that will verify if it passes quality in each stage from the beginning up to distribution.

Although blockchain has been traveling its journey for quite long, it has not completely gripped its feet firmly in the ground. While Javad laid benefits of institutional investors for the future of blockchain, Kristine explained the use cases of blockchain which makes it capable of firming its grip on the ground in the future.


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