The Hottest Leaders Of The Crypto-World!

Are you really crypto-enthusiast if you don’t know the people who are technically running the crypto-show? It’s the people who make the community, without which the community would be nothing and wouldn’t be where it is today! Let’s look at all the hot-shot people from the blockchain-world who you’ll go gaga over!

Vitalik Buter

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He is the genius behind Ethereum. It’s the second most valuable crypto today! He learned about cryptocurrency from his father. After he discovered Bitcoin Magazine in 2011, he passionately learned about blockchain technology for almost two consecutive years. The white paper of Ethereum was published in 2013. Now, Buterin Serves as the Chief Executive Scientist for the Ethereum Foundation and is in the front of the Ethereums research team. The team is responsible for maintaining the core technology of the crypto and actively works on the Ethereum protocols for the future.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

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This man is the greatest advocate of the blockchain technology, principles of decentralization and Bitcoin. He is actually a distributed system and security expert. He is also a famous published author of articles, blog posts and books on cryptocurrencies. That’s not all folks! He’s a frequent speaker at security and technology conferences; and he is a coder and an entrepreneur. This man has his hands in many places and he’s quite famous in the crypto-world for offering strategic advice’s to small crypto companies. He’s our favorite!

Charlie Lee

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The creator of Litecoin. He entered the crypto-sphere just like the many early adopters of Bitcoin. For him Litecoin is a crypto which is better suited for light weight transactions such as online and retail shopping. While, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used for heavy transactions such as interpersonal payments. He’s a man with a mission and he has succeeded in his quest!

Nick Szabo

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One of the greatest influence’s in Bitcoin, Szabo is the creator and designer of Bit Gold. His expertise in the crypto began back in 1998 with the creation of the proposal for BitGold. That’s even way before the first Bitcoin was mined!  The most common conspiracy theory is that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto. He on the other hand have continuously denied the claim. However, he is still considered the father of smart contracts. It’s a term mostly associated with Ethereum. He is persistence to contribute his crypto knowledge to the crypto-community. We’ve wondered if he is Satoshi Nakamoto too! Do you wonder the same?

Brain Armstrong

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He has graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Economics. He spent most of his life pursuing a career in tech. He was obviously well educated and equipped for a venture in the tech startup field. In 2011 Armstrong co-founded the crypto-wallet and the popular exchange Coinbase. Initially, Coinbase was imagined as a Bitcoin market place that would make it easy for the people to buy the cryptocurrency. He has maintained and kept a strong interest in the tech market, and he’s someone who actively takes part in developing solutions for the industry. He’s our second favorite crypto-leader after Buterin of course.

Let us know how is your favorite influencer from the crypto-world?

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