The Sexiest Bitcoin and Crypto Trends of 2018!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are just pure example of how the technology has evolved over the years. The good part? Technology doesn’t intend to stop. Today it’s blockchain technology and maybe tomorrow there is something new. You can never tell.

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That’s how it is these days, you can either adapt yourself or chose not to. But, in the long-run it’s you who is going to suffer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are rapidly growing. No surprise there huh?

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Interestingly, blockchain has been the answer to many prayers and now its being used in various sectors. There is more to blockchain technology than cryptocurrency. This technology has the potential to offer a lot more to the world.

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2018 hasn’t been the best for crypto. There have been highs and lows. The analysts and investors have been waiting all year long for crypto to stand back on its feet. But, no matter what has been happening there have been some obvious hot tends in the crypto-market.

Rise in Cryptocurrency

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Some cryptocurrency has expanded. While other cryptocurrencies has just hit the market. If you’re looking for why this happening when the market has been so unstable. The answer is simple, the number of crypto-user is enormous now.

The crypto-world keeps booming and everyone wants to be a part of it no matter what. Everyone is waiting to get lucky one way or the other. Many new crypto-exchanges are entering the market because all of us are aware that the market might be not as good as it has been in 2018. But, the tables will turn anytime.


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The biggest problem with cryptocurrency today being sold is that most renders are unreliable for the daily transactions and business usage. Stablecoin changes the dynamics completely!

Stablecoin holds its own value and can be easily exchanged for a fiat currency on the same value. Tether is the most powerful and largest Stablecoin right now. It’s still under a serious check regarding transparency. People advocating stablecoins are focused on maintaining the consistency of stablecoin in the trustless system of blockchain.

Institutional Money into Crypto

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The question still remains. When will The Wall Street come to their senses? Cryptocurrency has always been a major question for them. But, if the Wall Street finally decides to take in cryptocurrency. It’s going to blow everyone’s mind. The demand for crypto will shoot up like crazy and it is going to have some major changes in the market.

A few of the other firms such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sach are under the eye of when will they invest. Although Goldman has started initial set up for a cryptocurrency desk, it could happen anytime now. Also, the blockchain technology is booming along with cryptocurrency and is expanding day by day with a huge inflow of users.

Expansion of Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mainly rely on their ledger, because of this we clearly see that this is valuable in transparency and organization which allows it to be utilized by other industries as well. Blockchain technology has now expanded in different areas such as sports and real estate and transportation that were least expected to adapt the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is already used in the health, finance and information sectors and is well documented. All this is also because of new developers coming in the industry and are applying blockchain technologies in different areas.

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