The Hottest Career Choice – Immortal Tech

History is being shaped with every verdict on blockchain, cryptocurrency and all supporting technologies. And, you need to be on the right side of history. So, if you are young and wild, excited about the times yet to come, then make the choice that befits the need of the hour.

The hottest career is not being some glamorous designer, blogger or film maker. The times have changed. Things have become more complicated. What sexuality entails is a fluid and ever changing subject, however, desirability is only based on delivering the most eccentric, unique performance in a world of mass produced and over replicated ideas.

In a world of ordinary things, being legendarily different is the only universal ‘cool’. The tech advancement that nobody saw coming – Cryptocurrency is all the rave.


People who foresee what the future is capable of, make the right decisions, bring the right ideas into the world. Some of them are even remembered for it. Steve Jobs, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawkings are all examples of such wonders. Be the maker of something new.

The makers will easily be romanticized as the doers of the impossible. While driver-less cars and businesses were only dreams, today have become entirely possible. Each player that holds its string, is now a puppeteer in a movement etched in thick stone of future history.

The only way to immortalize yourself is by making the impossible possible and changing the face of the earth, by disruption.

Fifteen minutes of fame for everyone

While the global advancement is really too speedy to keep up. It can be slowed down just enough to understand what is really going on. Everyday in the industry people change from being miners of the currency to developers of new platforms to investors and traders. Any person who does not agree with the norms may change the product, fork out a new one or start from scratch on their own project. The career is anything you’d like. Being a entrepreneur, thinker, writer, researcher, hacker or anything at all can lead you to one day breaking the internet.

People make headlines for good and bad. The good ones leave a better mark than the bad ones. Serious decisions, right? Which hat would you put on White, Black, Red or Gray?

Work culture and Parametres

No dress code. Yes, the startup industry is quite similar. No behavioral code, no hidden subtexts, no industry code of conduct. No scamming please, all else is welcomed. How do you like the working conditions of your new  aptly chosen, no time wasted profession?

Networking, socializing and building things from the first stone up. This is what we do here. Generally speaking, this is true for most creative professions. You do not have to be math genius to be in this tech and number geared industry. You could be anything and still fit in. The time and energy will determine the reward, making it one of the most flexible professions.

You could have beef with big firms and still sustain your small scaled business. Potential for scalability, potential for doing the never done, unimagined and what not. So, are you liking what you are reading so far? Oh, Yes, we know this is better than what an independent film maker must feel like.

Resources Needed

This depends on the route you take. You’ll need hiking gear if you choose the steep mountains and the swim set and fishing net, if choosing the underwater dive. Meaning, you will need mining equipment and an understanding of how computers work, as well as growth and investment of the mind over time is important for the first option. While in the second you learn how to swim i.e develop, think and disrupt before you dive in to bring out the best fish produce yet to find. Be the next or even better Satoshi Nakamoto.

Find an extensive post on the subject soon, keep on reading, this is fast learning per minute than what our average reader is used to, which is why we make it in the simplest possible way. Suggest and Comment down below! We are listening.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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