The Hottest Blockchain Art Projects

Art is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think about blockchain. But, the thing is blockchain art projects have existed from the time blockchain has existed itself!

We’ll be looking at some of the most famous and hottest blockchain art projects and how the artists are using this awesome technology for creative purposes. Are you to feed your hidden artist?

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The Scarab Experiment

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It’s a decentralized artist collective which focuses on combined art work. It was created in 2014. Basically, SCARAB is a multi-user persona that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) image processing to form a single work of art from one thousand submissions. If someone is willing to contribute to the collection, all you have to do is register and submit your piece of art on their website. The bonus is that you will receive a Scarab token.

The token is what will grant you a membership in the Scarab community. This is how you can vote for art pieces that are included in the combined piece. The Scarab team used Counterparty to create the tokens. The first piece of combined artwork is pretty much still in progress and available on their website. Click here to have peek!

Rare Pepe Trading Cards

Pepe Pepefrog GIF - Pepe Pepefrog Meme GIFs

One of the most odd blockchain art ventures Rare Pepe exchanging cards uses Counterparty as well. These cards started as a meme on 4chan with people photoshopping pictures of Pepe the Frog, a hybrid human/frog cartoon character. The users would proudly add a watermark to each new picture for authentication and name it a “Rare Pepe.”

Rare Pepes picked up prominence as they apparently caricatured every popular culture icon from Homer Simpson to Vincent Van Gogh. Pepe even turned out to be a cult symbol for Donald Trump’s campaign in the 2016 presidential elections. Sounds pretty creepy no?

It all started as a joke and it’s grown into a full blown trading economy. Oh, how the world never seizes to amaze us! Pepecash is what fuels this economy. If you have the creative germs in you, you can apply your art piece to the Rare Pepe directory  But, there is a catch! You’ll need to pay a fee in Pepecash!


Cat GIF by CryptoKitties

In December 2017, CryptoKitties surprised the blockchain world, and the group behind the venture was able to raise $12 million in funding. Oh, wow thats pretty impressive! Don’t you think so? The investor list incorporates striking names, for example, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

If you’re wondering what CryptoKitties are? Hold your Kitties!!! We’ll explain it to you. They are basically collectible cartoon cats that you can purchase, sell and breed using your one of the most favorite cryptos Ethereum. They turned out to be so famous at one time that the constant use by the people connecting with their Kiities caused a real clog on the Ethereum network.

Can you imagine? It was so terrible that at that time some projects had to just simply postpone their ICOs because they were left with no choice! Like the Rare Pepe cards, each CryptoKitty is quite unique and has a specific level of rarity. While most of the virtual felines will run you under $25, a portion of the rarer ones can cost in thousands. The most costly cat was obtained for over $100,000. Isn’t that just nuts?

Verdict: It’s literally all in front of you! The blockchain technologys effect on the art market speaks for itself! Decentralized galleries and collectible are the hottest projects of today. But, we don’t know what the future holds. Just like everything else we believe blockchain art projects have bright future.

Happy Standing Ovation Sticker by GBLWang

If you know about some more blockchain art projects, let us know!

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