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The Hash War Is Far From Over Says The Crypto Innovator And Economist, Dr. Craig S. Wright

The economist and crypto innovator, Dr. Craig S. Wright explains that the hash war is upon us and rightly so it must come to an end. But as per Dr. Craig Wright, this is a chain which bear the potential to put an end to the war which is the unbiasedness when corrupt miners and the native bitcoin users are concerned. The corrupt miners and fraudulent attackers are forever on the lookout for an opening where they can infiltrate and breach the crypto framework. The adversaries are there to counter as soon as they get ready to attack. This is the reason the hash war was coined to begin with. Dr. Craig Wright stated straight off that the crypto offenders have no place in the crypto network and the has war will continue till the time we no longer have to defend bitcoin against any low-key fraudulent miner or attacker.

The hash war will keep on rolling until we no longer have to prove why bitcoin stands above all the minor chit chat about scamming miners and crypto offenders. The day when we accomplish trust from the people that bitcoin stands out of the miner duel, the hash war will have stayed true to its sole goal.

Though there are several crypto viewpoints harboured by major crypto investors and innovators, there are people who oppose Dr. Craig’s school of thoughts over the matter stating that the miners bear the right to be praised and rewarded as they are the one keeping the system intact bringing in newer currency units to circulate further. This has ignited quite a bout between Dr. Craig S. Wright and the collection of some well known crypto people who oppose him.

The opposition has led to the advent of newer cryptos where the miners are given the major power catering for their rights whereas Dr. Craig’s crypto the BCH progeny, bitcoin SV bear all the protocols to keep the miner involvement to a possible minimum. BCH was forked recently giving Dr. Craig Wright a playground to practice his values and show the hater that he surely means business.

There is another theory over the hash war that this is a mere war of egos which must be settled before the harm turns towards cryptos as a whole threatening their existence. Both parties are advised to come at a single table and work out a feasible solution.

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A Riverside, CA born Electrical Engineer who bears the passion to write over every happening around. A crypto zealot. Shazil is the sub-editor of BlockPublisher news. Contact the editor at

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