The Good Wife’s Bitcoin For Dummies

Bitcoin has been a great part of pop culture, ever since it first came out.  Bitcoin has made its own cult and included more and more people into its snowball.  Back when it was still young, The Good Wife came out. An entire episode was dedicated to explaining it, well, it was more of a way for the show to ride the wave. In the episode, the lawyer of bitcoin’s creator is involved in a legal issue.
Alicia defends a lawyer (Jason Biggs) who was arrested for not revealing the name of a client who illegally invented a new online currency. Jason Biggs guest-starred as Dylan Stack, the lawyer of the creator of Bitcoin, an online currency the Treasury Department had in its sights.

Eventually adding to the conspiracies, it turns out that there was no sole creator, there was Stack and two others created Bitcoin, these people together made bitcoin and like in real life wanted to be kept secret. This was something that Kalinda figured out much to the surprise of the three Mr. Bitcoins. This complicated the real-life story of bitcoin for the audience. Poor Satoshi Nakamoto would have had a hard laugh on it, but, we are with you The Good Wife, if it helps debunks some mystery around the idea of cryptos, making it ordinary.

The show argues:

The guy who invented bitcoin.  No one knows who he is.  He’s supposed to be this genius cryptographer because no one’s been able to break the bitcoin code yet. My father thinks he’s a Japanese programmer.

I heard Irish, Zach counters. The identity as guessed on the show somehow made its way to real life and much less to our surprise people actually thought that the creator Satoshi Nakamoto was of Japanese descent. The bitcoin code is truly unbearable though, even when read, the origin cannot be understood.

The show goes on to say that the problem with this online goodness lies in online horridness as well. The problem is that the cryptocurrency is used in online black markets. The Silk Road is a real-life example of this conundrum.

We believe this currency is being used in a digital black market, guaranteeing anonymity to drug dealers, money launderers, and child pornographers.

If the show wanted to point out that this fuel for the Silk Road needs to be shut because it can not be regulated well in its early stages then the show highlights a big real-life problem. But, the kind of problem that is temporary and would have been resolved after the maturity of this industry.

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