The Gems of Ethereum 2018

We continue to explore more about the advancements being made in the blockchain gaming industry. We are keeping ourselves updated with all the information that’s been coming out. And, blockchain is doing a good job.

The gaming industry is what lead to the boom of the internet. All of us have memories of playing games and using Hotmail. A throwback to good old days when all you wanted was to rush to the computer and talk to your friend that you have spent the entire day with while sipping on cold Capri Son.

Decentralized games can revolutionize the entire course of the gaming industry.

Here are the best blockchain games we have rounded up for you so far.

Spells of Genesis

A clever arcade game is based on a combination of card-based strategy. Its based on the blockchain basics because you have to collect, trade and combine orbs that you fight your rivals with.

So far, the game has received great reviews and it’s available on both; Android and Apple.

Just like any other game, the more you progress, your level rises and that increases your value as well. Hence, increasing the value of cards and creating a marketplace that is built on Ethereum blockchain. The super fun part is that the cards aren’t limited to that just one game, they can be used in several other games as well!

Magic Academy

The world’s first idle blockchain game based on Tron. One of its biggest USPs is that you can simply buy what you need to progress in the game and nothing can be locked off. Whether this strategy works like a charm or crashes under the bus; only time will tell. Though, it could do better with its visual appearance because right now it feels like we have set a foot back in the graphics world and nobody wants to see that anymore.


Although it doesn’t make sense to put it under this list because it sounds nothing like the game. But it did capture the public eye when it threw Ethereum under the rails back in December 2017. So, it is a platform to breed your own unique virtual cat.

Now onto the bad news which is that only 4 billion cats will live to see the light of day. Which is why the launch of CryptoPuppies seems to be the one making up for its shortage. The bizarre raging cult was a success almost everywhere.


One of the first of its time. This game offers you to mine, not literally, but it allows you to mine and then carries them to another point. The only obstacles were a person maneuvering beside you and people exploding. It is not a great game but its addictive. It’s like the pointless game you keep going back to even though it lacks substance. But the only reason its famous is because of its part of the blockchain game folklore now.


Though the game hasn’t launched yet it sure seems to be promising. It is getting ready to go public and even then it has generated more than $1 million in fiat currency, which is HUGE since blockchain games have only started out.

It works with an Ethereum digital wallet, which seems to be prerequisite till now. It’s a real-life simulation of sorts where players elect to buy building and services instead of them earning it over time.

Maybe blockchain games are about to get better after all.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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