The Frustrating Unveiling of CryptoFighters

What are the makers doing? Have they lost their sh*t? Are they trying to scam people??

I thought to myself seriously what in the f*ck’s world is going on with them. They happened to launch an incomplete product, who does that? This was until i saw people actually excited to buy them before hand. That – was a bigger WTF moment for me.

Why reveal slowly? What kind of a marketing trick is that? I guess, it is the oldest one in the book. It is refreshing to see it work in the gaming world.

So, i decided to break down the CryptoFighters effect to understand what is really going on better. Let’s see what has the pre-sales pumping and people hooked.

The game has not fully launched yet. But, people can begin to populate their armies and grab their early-gen-fighters ASAP.

Players need to do this fast because, the collection is scarce and it WILL run out.

As time passes and the world is more than ready for the blockchain battlefield, chances are that the very important and helpful fighters will be all run out. It is only the first and the zero gen fighters who are ready for purchase right now, the war is tightening up on the blockchain grounds. You want them, then you need to get them now.

In fact, yesterday is when you should have gotten them.

Good initial fighter ranges will lead to fun breeds and well trained armies. Victory is earned, not served after all! The more the experience of your fighter, the better.

Nobody can afford to miss out any chances to fight. How cool is that for urgency?

A close inspection helps in understanding what makes the game bit super interesting. This is how the game is gaining attention and traction in such early stages, this soon:

The web pages slowly reveal their content, slow is frustratingly beautiful.

The potential players are shown a sneak peak of very attractive and creatively designed homepage and the listings of the gen 0 and gen 1 fighters. This is how people know something is coming for them, they just do not understand how it will work although text and leaks are telling them that in words. The element of surprise tickles so many of our’s fancies. This is promising, however it leaves a lot to our imaginations.

World’s Hots for the Blockchain Buzz

Yes, we know, we know, that the term ‘blockchain’ brings mixed feelings for all. But, having that label attached does add a lot of value to the network. This has most people going gaga. There would be no digital scarcity after all if it had not been for blockchain. Thus, people must wonder what fun will this venture bring to the promise-land of futuristic and egalitarian blockchain. So, my take on this? GIMME!

The Arena needs to be Unlocked, You gotta put in some patience to get some fun out of it:

Here is what we already know about the arena:

  • It has a Group size.
  • Fighters’ ranks are not all the same. Each generations is a different level of expertise and experience.
  • Fighters’ levels are their character arch that develop over time with each battle won or lost.
  • Fighters’ attributes – or what we like to call the Fightributes these range between four main ones.
  • Fighters’ genes – there is a whole lotta gene-science to this one, just like our former-favorites CryptoKitties.

It is like the average sports locker room in a sports gymnasium.  The armor house that primes fighters before a showdown. The only differences are – a. it is digital, b. it is quite a secret right now.

Cool Down system to make people crave more:

This reveals just about enough information to tell people that no, it is not a straight and simple game. There is variety. This factor and knowing that the chances of wining are varied, adds to the players interest and is a cause of how and why people are hooked on the concept. Difficult is how i like it!


The game developers will began rewarding soon. The members who helped and assisted the team in the dev phase and in the initial runs will be awarded with 20 – Generation 0 CryptoFighters.

Reach — if you get a CF related tweet retweeted by 500 people, or 10,000 YouTube views you’re getting a Gen0!
Quality — entertain us!
Effort — even if your entry doesn’t go viral, we do appreciate the effort and this will also be an important factor in winning a Gen0. If you’ve helped in the past we won’t forget this. Be sure to enter, you have a great chance of winning!

So, um hello, where is my #CryptoFighter?

Do i get one? More importantly, do our readers get one? Somebody help us before we die of surprise and wait!! Great strategy y’all.


Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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