The Founder of Bitcoin – Guess Who?

It’s a mystery no one has been able to solve. Rather, it seems impossible to solve because it’s quite evident He’s untraceable to date. But, the one thing the entire world knows, Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin and he takes his anonymity quite seriously! Surprisingly, he bid farewell just when Bitcoin was labelled as a revolutionary innovation of the modern world and began to see the light of dawn. Satoshi Nakamoto completely disappeared! No name, no address.Just.a sayonara!


So, who is this guy? We don’t know exactly who he is, neither do we know in which part of the world he is. Fear not there are a few things that ought to be true about him and we’ve got them all here for you to get some closure.

It’s time to get your brain into gear!



Assuming, he is a man. Then why do we say he’s Asian. Oh, come on. It’s obvious isn’t it? His name. Yes, yes. It’s not his real name and all. Ever wonder why he would pick such a precise name? He could’ve possibly picked any name, literally! The point being, he chose a name from a specific origin and he was comfortable with being known as Satoshi Nakamoto.


Well, can’t help but be the Captain Obvious here. But, if he couldn’t write a single line of code. Bitcoin wouldn’t have existed to begin with. Programmers have things in common, they think in code. They technically live and breathe algorithmic sequence.

He takes his identity very seriously

No photographs, no location, nada! He was very discreet when the Bitcoin project was nothing and now that it has become popular he has completely disappeared from the happy family picture. Being anonymous was super important to him and we don’t know why. Oh, who knows. Maybe he’s an introvert. We can just play the game of guess here.

One person

Many theories linger on the corners of the internet. Many say, he’s not just one person. Or it might be a group of people. Time to put a little stress on those brain cells! What kind of a group of people come up with a decentralization idea? All we know considering the success of Bitcoin, it all lies in the hands of a mastermind.

He cared about the financial world

Why did he choose 2009? He could have picked any year.  But, why the period of a global financial crisis. We really don’t know how much he knew about the financial world or if he had any prior working experience. All we know, the year he chose was not just a mere coincidence folks. He clearly knew what an economic meltdown meant for the world. He saw a chance, took it and conquered!

So, if Satoshi Nakamoto stumbles upon this article. Do reach out to us, we can keep your secret. But, we’re not looking for any trouble, promise! Just in case, if you do reach out to us we’ll know you’re not him. See what we did there?

Maira Zaheer

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