The Founder ANON, The Crypto King Sounds Off About Bitcoin Over Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

The founder of ANON, going by the name of the Crypto King, sheds light over the 10th birthday for the original crypto that emerged out way back. bitcoin, as per the King, is the father of all forks as all other cryptos we see today are the direct or indirect descendants of bitcoin. This being said, the crypto has been here for quite some time and has garnered some of the best and prolonged experience to date, tackling many bear markets and growing back even stronger. It all started with a thirst to change the financial system of the world that has been clogged with evil and corporate entities that pollute the global economy. bitcoin brought the blockchain technology into the revolution which over the course of 10 whole years have taken the concept of having a global digital currency to unfathomable heights. BlockPublisher got to talk with the King in order to grab some hot comments over bitcoin’s long haul.

This marks 10 full years in bitcoin’s journey trough the financial revolution along with blockchain. Bitcoin has been the father of forks spreading its values and concept to other cryptos that collectively added value to the crypto revolution.

King states that bitcoin has birthed other cryptos, some of which have come to stand against the values and the basic logic which bitcoin provided as it arrived on the scene. Though this might appeal to many as an abrupt exaggeration, the pure die hard crypto followers have started acting against these outbreaks. Another crypto analyst, Joseph Young previously celebrated the 10th year that bitcoin is going strong, further stating that bitcoin has defended the crypto market over several occasions tackling every bear market. Bitcoin instead used the bear markets to stay dormant for some time and come back with a loud bang again. The time off from the crypto high chart market allowed investors to buy into the crypto market and throw their money for the goodness of the crypto concept.

Nevertheless, King’s statement bears the sentiment that bitcoin will continue to linger on with the same values that it had in the past along with being the standard bearer of the entire crypto market and every cryptocurrency including.

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