The First Ever Bitcoin Heist!

We must say Bitcoin has come a long way!

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WTH is Bitcoin?

First of all, if you don’t know what Bitcoin is we will just assume you must have been living under a rock or maybe have been in jail for the last 10 year. We hope the former though! We will make things a bit simpler for you and explain what Bitcoin really is. It is a type of digital currency in which uses encryption techniques to regulate the general units of currency and to verify the transfer of funds, that operate independentaly from a central bank.

The First Ever Bitcoin Heist

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Oxfordshire is the place where it all happened. Now the police are appealing for witnesses. How did it all happen? Well, can you imagine a trader was help at gunpoint and was odered to transfer the cryptocurrency. So, crypto is surely a big deal now if people are willing to steal it! Even what’s more interesting?

It all took place in a residential property. We’re wondering how the thief went through all the hassle for some crypto! So, now if you hear someone say cryptocurrency isn’t valuable. You can tell them this story!

It All Went Down Smoothly

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No one was seriously harmed or injured in the process and everything went pretty smoothly for the crypto-thieves. This is how it all went down: A group of heavily armed thieves broke into the house  and forcefully asked the cryptocurrency trader to transfer funds in Bitcoin through his computer. We sadly don’t know the quantity transferred. But, we’re super curious to know!

It happened in a village Moulsford which is rather a quite place and Bitcoin heist came as a major shock to people and nothing anyone would have ever expected.

Potential Problem Spotted for Cryptocurrency

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The incident itself has shed some light on a potential problem that could possible arise in the crypto-filled future. It’s actually great to do your own banking on a decentralized and tamper proof ledger. But, how could have we missed this?

There is a con to do your own banking! It isn’t safe as we think it is. It’s actually much easier yo rob a physical person than an actual bank. Especially of all the money is protected by a private key which is usually a string of or letters.  Aren’t you a bit disappointed? It’s a problem which had been staring right at us and yet we seemed to completely missed it!

What Happens After?

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Unfortunately there have been no arrests made. The Bitcoin Heist has given us all something to think about. If it could happen once, it could happen again and this is exactly why security measures should be taken before things get out of control!

What do you think should be done to stop incidents such as these from happening? Anything innovate would do just the trick because we sure as hell don’t want more Bitcoin heists to take place because it could create a major chaos in the crypto-space. Stay safe!

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