Mean Disruption Of The Electoral Process

Blockchain has entered every facet of life, from finance to economics to technology, noting is left out. Now the blockchain technology has set its foot into politics. You can say, blockchain is the future of fair elections!

There has been a great deal of talk about the positive influence the blockchain technology will bring to the ballot boxes. Some countries have already started to experiment with this new groundbreaking technology. Its popularity is owed to its transparent and secure system.

So, say bye-bye to corrupt elections!

Countries are Thrilled

Sierra Leone is reported to be world’s first ever country which had used the blockchain technology for tallying its presidential election. However, the election process was not entirely based on the blockchain technology. The normal process of elections was run alongside and it was demonstrated how the blockchain technology could come in handy.

Not only did this show the interest of a national government in a new technology for their own benefit, it also showed the wide range of possibilities for this new technology. Voatz, is a company that runs elections which includes facial recognition technology or fingerprint-scanning on its users’ smartphones, it’s a much advanced system for voting and its easier to count the votes.

Oh, how the digital world is changing things for everyone!

West Virginia was no behind, when it’s primary elections were being held. The blockchain technology was available to a group of voters. However, not all are huge supporters of the digital voting system and rather openly oppose it because it can be easily hacked.

Fair? Not Fair

For fair elections it is important that each vote is guarded and respected. However, as long as the national elections are conducted on a paper-based system, it is almost impossible for a fair election to take place. This holds truth because fraud, corruption, and security breaches are common and sometimes acceptable practices. But, that’s exactly the beauty of blockchain, its here to fix all these matters. It will allow the privacy of the voter to be maintained while the votes are counted.

However, even though the blockchain technology promises many solutions for the election system. Many countries are still a bit hesitant to accept it, until it’s thoroughly tested.

Wait and Watch

It’s only a matter of time until the blockchain technology takes every industry by storm and is not just mentioned for use-cases over the internet. We can already see how banks and corporations have started to build blockchain systems, while the voting system is headed towards a much more transparent system.


Blockchain has a bright future ahead of it. Major banks, government and corporations are looking at the means of blockchain technology for elections and regulations to build a big bright future for us. We believe that there is absolutely nothing that the blockchain technology can’t achieve.

The revolution in the election system is the next best thing that could happen to us! It’ll give us the satisfaction that the elections were fair and not rigged. The system would be just like it is supposed to be and democracy will win again!

Maira Zaheer

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