The Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Bitcoin needed verification and repeated checking on its weak and somewhat vulnerable wallet options, Ethereum along with new and improved wallets and increasing payment options are changing that. So many bitcoins have been lost! Many have been hacked, so many have been wasted. Well, it is a sad world and a very imperfect one.

Bitcoins shortfalls and despite those shortfalls its success has led people to the even more advanced and well established, refined and improved blockchain system of Ether. Ethereum has taken over and also enhanced the market filling so many gaps that despite being revolutionary and the first one bitcoin could not.

For example, thanks to the clever contracts that Ethereum launched to the general public, buyers can transfer their resources from a single wallet with a greater ease and also safety. This is also supported by an additional series of programs and bridges that will eventually eliminate the need of working with third-party companies for the transfer. Ethereum has also tackled the issue of scalability, speed and anonymity better than bitcoin has.

Bitcoin acted like a prototype and as blockchains improve, the newer and better versions keep taking over. But, for startups like crypto-kitties to migrate from one blockchain to another is whole big fiasco like story. The truth however remains that the industry is young and these blockchains are competing to be ahead in a game of the future of the future players.

Even while the two solutions are in competition with one another, while simultaneously specializing in what they each do best, there is an unavoidable factor concerning the programming languages they both use.

Even though Ethereum makes use of turning full, Bitcoin utilizes stack-based language. The needs and the goals of the both blokchains also differ. They are promoting a similar idea, that does different things in different circumstances, differently for both parties.

Bitcoin can be regarded as a good choice for trust funds. Ethereum employs its own forex as a way to aid hook up contracts and applications. Bitcoin is a better buzzword for marketing while Ethereum is good for launching ICO’s. Etheruem has a bad name in the ICO market because of its one too many scams and ponzi scheme based projects that have seen the light of the day in the past one year. Also, not to forget all the ghost ICO’s on the Ethereum blockchain make it very hard for people to see what is worth the attention.

But, these are common problems for the world of today, right!

Khunsha Javed

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