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“The Deutsche And Danske Bank’s Money Laundering Situation Must Be Stated As Crime Not Scandal”, Exclaims Anthony Pompliano

The founder and partner for the Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano showers hate again for both the bankers and more specifically, the banks stating that the banks of today are involved in critical situations, the likes of which is money laundering. Recently both banks were accused of getting more than $200 billion launder which is being branded as a financial scandal by the media. Though this is getting extreme heat both from the crypto fans and the usual folks as this a critical scandal to be precise. But the problem that Pompliano points out is that he thinks these sort of situations or “scandals” must be termed as crimes as these are nothing but straight crimes. As per Pompliano, the banking system and having a central entity can lead to similar situations in the future too, which must be averted for our own sake. This is a big down for the bankers and the banking system as per their inability to bring the financial justice to the system, letting the powerful beings get away with any sort of regulatory oppression. BlockPublisher was able to harvest some comments from the man over the debate as to what exactly are the banking scandals like the money laundering.

The money laundering “scandal”, the Deutsche Bank of Germany and the Danske Bank of Denmark have been alleged to be involved in, involving the laundered money reaching above the mark of $200 billion, must not be stated as mere scandals. These sort of financial unrests should be termed as crimes as it is crime that the people involved are conducting.

The media is the means to portray a thing as per their own will bearing the power to brand a decent thing as evil and vice versa. Similar is the situation with aforementioned condition where the media decides to present it as a minor scandal while it is a thing needing international attention to clear the aura surrounding the banking system that it is the best system that man can ever come across. The Cyber Lion crypto community of Discord presents the situation as it deserves.

We say absolutely horrible things about a single individual who steals from a store in desperation. Yet when bankers almost destroy an economy and blame the poor, it’s a scandal.

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