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The Decentralization Frenzy Is Wild And Is Hard To Contain Suggests Anthony Pompliano

The founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano states that the concept of decentralization has brought us a revolution which to date has turned out to be absolutely huge over the past decade. This frenzy of decentralization is here to stay as Pomp suggests and will continue to stick with for quite a prolonged period of time. Anthony Pompliano provides us with excellent examples which are the breakthrough outcomes of the decentralization concept. These includes the likes of Uber which is a decentralized taxi chain, Airbnb which is a decentralized hotel and Amazon which is a decentralized server that allows one to put their products over to sell gathering an audience from around the globe. Pomp states that the decentralization fever is soon to transform into the relief as further applications start showing up. BlockPublisher got to pile up some comments from Pomp himself over the matter.

The decentralization frenzy is going wild as we have witness applications like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon. There is certainly a lot where these came from. What’s next?

The decentralization concept is the exactly the feature that people loved in the cryptocurrencies as these digital assets surfaced on the scene. This did escalated the popularity of the cryptos nevertheless, it also boosted up awareness that what power and potential the basic concept bears in it. The feature to not provide the power over everything to a single entity rather than the entire system seems rebellious and fair which is exactly what the major population of the world requires as it gives them the sensation that they are for some part of their lives are not being controlled by some higher authority.

There are thousands of places where we can cater for the system better without giving the power keys to a single entity as Pomp explains. There are certain examples that can guide us inspiring us in the process. Uber has become a global sensation where people can connect with a nearby driver and take a ride to their desired destination being charged a fee. Airbnb allows people to put their residence or apartments for someone else to stay in charging them for their stay. Amazon is the platform for the global purchase of about all types of daily products. These breakthroughs did not involve any sort of a central entity overseeing the process rather these were mainly connections which connected one party to another.

Like Pompliano, there are other cheerers for decentralization who are willing to defend the concept provided the platform. This would be a great addition to our current systems as it leaves the power to every individual treating all as equals, exactly how nature built us to begin with.

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