The Cure to a Burnout

They lie to you and you accept them!

Our capabilities are a lot more. If we try super hard we can push our limits, but sometimes, our limits push us over the edge. Here is why, with adequate reasoning and a cure for it.

We have been hearing this in our conversations with our bosses, our friends, on coffee tables, in meeting rooms, at bars (never drink with a co-worker please –> some word), during Netflix and Chill with Bae and what not.

Yes, believe us. There is a cure to it. Yes, people say it lies somewhere between a sabbatical and a social media cleanse. But, trust us from Burning Man to Ambien to super dedication to Ironmans, the secret to protect yourself from a good old work and life burnout or a mid life crises is something really different.

The idea is that look, we have worked so hard to pin down our goals and strike off them as we get through them, but something is not right, which is why we are likely to fall apart.

For us, over working your self is just a myth. There is a deeper problem lying under it. Something deeper than what meets the eye.

We think too fast, feel too less, because ain’t nobody got time for processing and then we crumble one fine day.

It can be averted, if once understood what really happens.

We do not need to switch off our heads, we need to change our fuel.

We are not as equipped emotionally and mentally (because, we never trained ourselves intentionally to be any better, thence we are too tied up) to adapt to newer lifestyles.

Our habits to avert burnout should be as intense as the overheated work many of us do.

Luxury and relaxation themselves have become supercharged. We can live too fast and not burn out. If we adapt. Magazines prescribe us to let our hearts lead, go to Yoga class, try out a decent Music and Tech festival and at times tell us to try to adapt to minimalism (as they continue to advertise the ‘minimalist bed you need in your life’), they do all of this because its the Yoga classes they are selling you, the Music and Tech concert will give them free tickets and an open bar/VIP access among other perks.

We need to bridge the gap between what we want to have and what we think is possible to achieve.

Your needs in reality are different. You need to change your knowledge systems, not discarding old things, but radically adding newer discourses.

Today, we need to accept virtual currencies, open eyes to Smart contracts, Buying a Tesla that pays for fuel itself, think about launching a DAO. (Just take a minute to think how many of these concepts are you familiar with?)

But if we are truly going to tackle the challenge of a self burnout, we must do less, not more. And the less is rather than escaping our lives and medicating our problems, we must rethink them, one change and acceptance of new thing at a time.

Gotta disrupt life before it disrupts itself!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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