The Crypto-World Has Some Bad-Ass Women!

As they say, the crypto-world is a bro-fest! But, there are influential women in the crypto-sphere too. They are some bad ass chicks who didn’t shy away from finding their way to the top. They defied all odds and are quite successful! Let’s look at who they are.

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Laura Shin

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She’s the Senior Editor at Forbes and the Co-Lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech. She’s known for her tremendous work at Forbes on the blockchain and crptocurrency coverage. She’s the host for Forbe’s podcast which focuses on Blockchain. The podcast goes by the name “Unchanged.” She has successfully written an e-book for Forbes, “The Millennial Game Plan: Career and Money Secrets to Succeed in Today’s World” which was launched in 2014. She’s been an active part in the crypto-sphere and her whiz has made her one of the most influential women. We’re happy to see her at such a high position! Women can do it all!

Meltem Demirors

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Demiros is someone who has an extremely diverse background in commodities trading, supply chain management, corporate treasury and management consulting. She proudly calls herself a true “blockchain believer.” Since she is the Director of Development at Digital Currency Group she brings a wide-range of international experience into the Digital Currency Group’s globally comprehensive network. She has one strategy, to help build and support Bitcoin and other blockchain companies by strengthening its network and access to capital. She’s surely an inspiration for all the women out there in the crypto-sphere!

Elizabeth Stark

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She’s a Blockchain ​entrepreneur, teacher, and a web advocate. She’s the Co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs. She fills in as a coach with the Thiel Fellowship, has worked together with organizations, for example Google and Mozilla​, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stanford’s StartX. She’s proud of teaching the fate of the internet at Stanford and Yale University and was a also a visiting society member at Yale’s Information Society Project. Stark has played a very distinct role in the quest of the Internet Freedom effort which successfully crushed SOPA/PIPA, drawing in 18 million individuals all around the world. She has done promising work in the field and wishes to do even more! Who says women can’t be bad ass?

Perianne Boring

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Boring is the proud Founder and President of The Digital Chamber of Commerce. She has been a Blockchain public speaker and commentator for quite a long time, turning into a prominent voice in the crypto-industry as the founder of the Blockchain trade association, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, in 2014. She is focusing on public policy, particularly fixated on the United States regulation of Blockchain and digital money. Isn’t it nice to see the women in the tech industry, working and believing in what they are really passionate about? Girls can do it all!

Marie Wieck

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Working as the General Manager at IBM Blockchain she’s someone who has had a variety of experiences in tech sector. She has worked at IBM for 30 years. Hats off for this woman for being so determined! She’s very much passionate about innovation from different teams and who are about to build new businesses. At IBM she’s focusing on driving the ecosystems growth around the Hyperledger Project. She’s still very determined and enthusiastic about working at IBM. She’s a woman everyone can look up to for fortitude and passion. We wish all women can share her passion!

Now you know the crypto-world also has some pretty bad-ass women who are in high positions in the tech industry and no one can bring them down!

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