‘The Crypto That Cares Less Holds The Most Power’,: Bitcoin (BTC) Educator &. Entrepreneur, Jimmy Song

The developer, entrepreneur and the bitcoin educator, Jimmy Song explains that the crypto coins that pay much heed to additional features and care much about the policies and complying to the regulations do not hold any power of its own as it stands face down before the already set rules. This can be taken as a legitimate law that the cryptos that, instead of pondering over the latest features that act as a cover up for the same old thing, the bootlegs of bitcoin, the coins must be built in order to improve the basic structure of the crypto market. Song provides the simple structure of the trend as per which in an agreement, relationship or a deal, the party which does not care much seems to be holding the entire power and can direct the entire system following the power. The coins that seem to stay out of the crypto competition, are the ones that stand tall after the dust settles. These coins understand the real competition which is outside the crypto market and with the current financial system and the fiats that are ruling the global financial reserves. BlockPublisher acquired Song’s side of the story as he turns his rebel instincts rouge as he states,

In a partnership or a relationship, the party that does not seem to care at all gets the upper hand and absolutely, the power. The same situation being valid for the crypto, the coin that does not care much gets to hold the power over the others, this being the real crypto essence.

Though Jimmy Song’s words are just a theory and the data that we have are not enough and not under the scientific analysis data review, the thing has been contradicted by many as Song turns a little more of the mutineer.

The cryptos have root basis over the revolution which still, to this day stays intact. Holding the power has been the real battle for the cryptos as many of the coins vanishing and many building strong.

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