The Crypto-Celeb Culture Comes with Causalities!

The crypto-verse has its very on celebs. Feuds? Power struggle? Gossip? Egotistical parades? You name it! But, the question remains. Do We Really Need Crypto-Celebs? Unfortunately, this jejune culture of personality has infiltrated the crypto-world. But, what are the true consequences of all this?

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Let’s Talk About: The Types of Crypto-Celebs

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Outside of the crypto-world. There are those personalities who have actually attained celeb status out of just sheer luck. Who comes to your mind? The Kardashians get paid to exist literally. Maybe it’s more than just luck what got the Kardashians where they are. But, you get the point? At one side we have rightful deserving parties and on the other hand not so much.

In the crypto-verse the dynamics are quite similar. We have on one hand the innovators, the true leaders (Buterin, Voorhees or Baldet) who share common traits with the publicly conscious business stars such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk. While on the other hand, we have Craig Wrights and Trevon James, who are just famous for being famous. Their existence are more reminiscent of celebs like Paris Hilton.

Where’s Integrity Man?

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The bulls in the crypto who proudly publicize their profits are suffering delusions of glory. They take it to Twitter and share their portfolios there, which we think is a slouchy reenactment of the Wall Street greed back from the 1980s. Some of the accounts on Twitter have a huge number of followers, which means the greater the followers the greater the influence. But, let’s just get it straight. Nothing is honorable in the act of shouting about one’s profit. Where’s integrity man? It’s seems as if there is none.

There are Serious Casualties!

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All of this seems harmless, but it could seriously affect the prices too. We don’t think all the crypto-celebs are using their brains much. All because these crypto-celebs are too self-involved too see that their actions are seriously affecting the crypto-atmosphere. Giving the speculators are the more reasons to talk about! It can go all downhill from here if they don’t get their act together.

Moreover, there are more casualties in the battle of the crypto-celebs. It is the curious investors, newcomers and the ones who are looking for some insightful opinions to help them out are the ones who truly suffer. The truth is influential people over the social media have a lot of power in their hands to move the market from one to another with just one tweet. It’s a power that politicians often dream of. But, as we know it some are just abusing their power and it’s a show we don’t want to watch.

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The newbies might leave the crypto-verse with a bitter taste in their mouths. And, those who have been in the crypto-community for a long time also suffer greatly. Opportunities are lost to grow the industry, the network and portfolios. This is why the crypto-celeb culture is damaging everything. But, the thing is without them there would be a hole in the crypto-verse too. We’re a between a rock and a hard place, no? So, we could just hope the crypto-celebs start acting like responsible adults.

Maira Zaheer

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