The Bitcoin Track Has Our Minds Blown

All the rap lovers out there. Soulja Boy has dropped a Bitcoin track! We’re all in awe and feeling inspired.

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You’ll end up listening to this on repeat because it’s that good. The beat is mellow and the rap is on point.

You can catch me running up the Bitcoin.

Soulja Boy Has Our Heart

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Bitcoin is still the talk of today and Soulja Boy dropping his Bitcoin track has made everyone go crazy. If popular rappers are talking about Bitcoin you know sh*t is real!

The US rap artist pays reverence to Bitcoin for a reason. It’s the worlds most popular crypto (duh!) The track is titled “Bitcoin” on his latest record Young Drako.

The quantity of eminent references keep expanding over all entertainment mediums. Bitcoin has found its way inside the popular culture of today and tomorrow.

Thank God For Quality

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There have been prior-name checks mostly concentrated on dim-wit web guiltiness or the tech-nerds and were mishandled. But, that’s not the case anymore. The latest mention of Bitcoin is somewhat more constructive and rather has one dimensional approach. In short, it’s mind-boogling because it’s so damn good!

All About Bitcoin

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It’s the fourth track on the fourth studio album, Young Drako from the graph topping US rapper Soulja Boy. The record is being released by the labels Palm Tree Entertainment and SODMG.

The track is quite fundamental in regards of expression. Obviously, it’s Soulja Boy dropping the track and it’s like no other. The rapper has kept it light. The more perplexing philosophical and socio-political thought revolving around Bitcoin have been avoided. The track is more about money and material. He’s completely unashamed that he wants Bitcoin for the money and he’s not in it for the tech.

Made a million off of Bitcoins

Soulja Boy’s Love For Crypto

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The rappers album focuses mostly on traditional rap subjects. But, the track Bitcoin definitely focuses on his love for crypto and his success making money as trader.

The lyrics remain light on the details about Soulja Boy’s trading strategies. But, his enthusiasm for Bitcoin is evident throughout the track. The rapper claims:

I have spent 6000 on a Bitcoin

It’s unclear if Soulja’s initial price cleared at $6000 or is he saying that just for the heck of it.

Paypal and CashApp Has Made It Too

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Soulja Boy has made a reference to Paypal and CashApp for managing his crypto transactions. Apart from referencing his purchase of Bitcoin using his computer, the rest of the lyrics cover well-tread ground for rappers, as the US rapper claims that his Bitcoin derived fortune has allowed him the opportunity to successfully woo a rival’s lover.

The Traders Can Relate

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Soulja Boy has expressed his ultimate love for cryptocurrency!

Wake up in the morning and I count my funds
Running to the money like a marathon
I got light coins, bitcoins, they my favorite ones

The lyrics undoubtedly capture the feelings of the traders. Especially the thrill that comes with wealth accumulation and profitable trades.

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He even raps about Bitcoin’s performance vs. the stock market. There is even a cool reference about the 24/7 nature of the crypto-market. After all which crypto-trader doesn’t check the Bitcoin prices first thing in the morning. It’s relatable shiz!

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