The Biggest Tool For Environment Protection?

Contrary to public belief, we are going on to say that a little does go a very long way. Yes, sure, i have paper-balled an occasional draft and tossed it in a bin, in my office, (not that reached its target ever), (i must have been gloating over something that i then thought was a breakthrough idea). But, i have still never been one of the clinically depressed, out for no good, risk for environment and safety of their own and others around, ecological monster army.

So, yes, every now and then i see a man (Usually my father, happens to be very impatient and unmotivated at times towards slow rewarding things) putting his ATM receipt in the bin across the road, or using PDF’s over print outs, i feel proud. I feel like my purpose here as a guiding light is fulfilled, (kidding, its a long way to that).

Nothing too radical, i just want people to be aware you know, just a little bit. I know people who have no f*cks left in them to make this world a better place. But, even for them, change should be everything. A switch to a whole new lifestyle should be all they need to kick-start their new beginnings or a chance at life on earth.

Please tell me it is not too late? There is only chronically (not fashionably) late in here. Environment is a matter of life and death. Perhaps, not immediately, but eventually. People think that earth will outlive them, and thus, it is none of their concern. Other people think whatever little they can do is not enough and thus, not worth doing, mind me they are in the dark if they feel this way.

Yes, we need a radical transition, and yes, one fine day all industries will stop production of waste, and plastics and parabeans and obtaining wood pulp from non renewable forests. Yes, one fine day this can happen when there is no other planet to migrate to and every person wears an oxy tank just to breathe, while being constantly notified on the hurricane, flood or tsunami situation and the heavy rainfall followed by a drought and a drastic world depression and famine. But, will that day come in our lives? So, hard to picture and to expect.

It is a long journey my friend. But, it took one march on a bridge in Selma to help pave way for the selection of a colored president to a global superpower. It took one small army of civilians to fight at the Tahrir Square in Egypt. It took a handful of people to start the Arab Spring. It took a few people to begin a civil rights and LGBTQ rights campaign in India (An otherwise intolerant and primitive nation).

So, yes, i will fight this. I will fight for any luck that virtual currencies can bring to the world. I would save that paper for people who might find it as special and unique and a historical artifact as we find papyrus and medieval manuscripts today. It belongs to land as trees, plants and seeds, before it ends up in our pockets and the pockets of those minting.

We need a radical shift. Dollar itself could exist virtually in its entirety for all i care. But, before it could be sent out to museums it belongs to earth. All it takes is good discourse and some organisation of ideas to start a rev. I am all for it. The Million BTC question is: Are you?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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