The Biggest Crypto-Scams of All Time

The boom in the cryptocurrency market has been huge. But, did you ever wonder what has it really meant for the world? It has been nothing but, revolutionary!  We won’t deny that. Hold your horses! We can’t just slide some of the darker moments of the world of digital currency.

Trust us, there have been some and they were horrifying to watch!

The brightest and greatest minds of the world have used the cryptocurrency platform to bring innovative and emerging technologies to the market. Sadly, there have been snakes in the market too! They’ve used to crypto-market to exploit and bite others. These scams operate in the dark, but we can’t overlook the fact that they ride with the cryptocurrency wave. Leaving the rest of the crypto-world vulnerable.

The ICO market sometimes has become a platform for Ponzi scams and has shook the world. But, we’ve all learned from them. Gotta look at the positive side of things, right?


Surely, the name seems impressive and legit. Signifying, that’s it’s the number one coin and making a complete fool out of us! It’s a coin that has proved to be anything, but number one! It was a scam that cost many people millions. We’re sorry for your loss. Truly! The Indian authorities after a few investigations discovered that despite all the hip-marketing strategies. It was huge fraud!

Modern Tech

This Vietnam based company, has made the greatest rip offs in the crypto-world! Pincoin and iFan were the two ICOs which were proudly promoted by Modern Tech. The amount being swindled from all its honest investors keeps growing every month. Isn’t there any honesty left in this world??? We really wonder! A scam of $650 million, can you imagine? Making the it the largest ICO scam in history.


It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency scams. All the users who were foolish enough to be tricked through videos circling the internet. Might have thought, they were making smart investment choices which will reward them with ground-breaking returns. Guess what? It was just a like an episode of Scandal, where there have been only lies, deceit and cheating.


It came into the spotlight, when it promised to deliver a platform like Mastercard and Visa debit cart, which would enable to exchange cryptocurrencies for a flat in a jiffy! Unfortunately, it caught the attention of many investors. After all, it was the game-changer. But, too good to be true! Dreams and hearts were shattered when its two investors were arrested for fraud.

Better be safe, than sorry! Before, you begin to invest in any ICO its always better to get your investigative specs on! Always remember, if the ICO sounds too good to be true. It’s better to look the other way, because it’s a rip-off! Let’s cross our fingers and hope to stay away from all the Ponzi-schemes that operate in the shadows.

Is there a Scam Story that you’d like to share?

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Maira Zaheer

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