“The Bear Market For Cryptos Might Have Come To An End”, Claims The Founder Of Onchain Capital

Ran NeuNer, the founder of the Onchain Capital states that from the looks of the current situation with the crypto market, it seems that the bear market is gone for good and that this will now lead the prosperous crypto future where these digital assets will be the new supplant for the fiats. The exchanges have been out again in search of new tokens to be listed giving the hint that the bear market is over and the regular trends will tend to stabilize the crypto market from now on. The market will get on track again as the transactions will continue as the way they were bringing in more users. Ran NeuNer also shares his experience that a grand exchange contacted him in order to list the tokens of an upcoming project. BlockPublisher got to extract Ran NeuNer’s take over his own words as to whether we are out, clear off the bear market.

The bear market has probably reached its conclusion. A great exchange that deals with the digital asset transactions contacted me in order to hear about more projects willing to get their tokens listed. It is a hint to greater things to come and obviously the end of the recession.

The cryptos have no doubt emerged out of all the bear market and have not only restored previous position but attained greater accolades too. The founder and chief executive officer of BravenoHQ, Mathias Grønnebæk, suggested that exchanges searching for tokens to be listed is actually a sign that the market is hurt and is struggling to cope up.

…that is a sign the exchange is hurting.

Another crypto analyst, Nick Cote addressed the situation and favouring Mathias’ statement he described the supposed crisis in the following words.

Instead of having a deep pool of projects (and liquidity) wishing to get listed, you now have a graveyard and far less projects being launched, or simply biding their time.

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