The Axie Infinity Dissection, Come Try With Me

Axie Infinity is a new name that is picking up some serious heat in the gaming industry. This is yet another blockchain based crypto collectible and battle game. While my favorite i think is going to be cryptofighters, here is what we might be able to do with Axie Infinity, let’s see what it has to offer to us.

It is simply put as a Battle, collect, and raise fantasy creatures on the Blockchain in all of its description. This statement is why i gave it a serious look because the amazing graphics that some YouTube video makers love, i am not a big fan of them. They simply do not do it for me and i think i will stick to the cryptokitties and cryptofighters graphic league.

However to get started on the investigation i’d like to call a gamer’s dissection experiment:
First we will need a crypto based wallet to buy them Axies. So here is a link to get Enjin Smart wallet, here. Once it is done we will be ready for the ETH to be used to get the Axie and we can access it through a Chrome, IE, Mozilla extension MetaMask.
Metamask is generally a popular choice for playing on desktop, while mobile wallets like Trust Wallet and Coinbase wallet can be used to access Axie Infinity from your phone. This really depends on your level of ease. Metamask is also very popular among Ethereum blockchain lovers and it is simple while its UX is still being worked on and needs improvement.
A little rant hurt nobody after all. Well then, to save us a great deal of hassle, we will stay in touch with the community that can assist in case of crazy and tiny issues so here the Discord is linked.

You can save yourself the hassle and apply for a chance to win Axies through their so called reward system. I would not waste my patience over it. I am just not impressed enough you see.

Other than the freeplay like adventure mode and mini games within the larger Axie plot, Axies can battle each other in special 3 vs. 3 Arena battles. The battle is on of the larger pursuits of all Axies from the beginning of their life as an egg in the laboratory.

The abilities that Axies can bring into battle are determined by their body parts. It is an unfair world after all, even for the poor little Axies. Mouths, Horns, Backs, and Tails all come with an associated ability while Eyes and Ears will confer passive boosts in the future.

Abilities are used to attack and defend are also genetic and they can be trained though with extravagance of spending some ETH for a little TLC on the game.

When an ability is used, it moves to the back of the ability queue and the ability behind it moves up and becomes the “active ability”. Each ability has an attack value, defense value, and an accuracy value. Some abilities also have passive effects.

I do not know about you but i was excited, but the charm is over for me. What about you?

Khunsha Javed

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