The $152 Million Suit Ends In Settlements

A lawsuit was filed in California on April 19 where the plaintiff Liston alleged that investor Joseph Costello and three other founding members of Augur, Jack Peterson, Joseph Charles Krug, and Jeremy Gardner committed acts of fraud, breach of contract and trade theft that left him [Liston] without a stake in the company’s ICO.

‘You are no co-founder’ Defendant Peterson to Plaintiff Liston via text message

Also, Liston claimed that he was the founder, share holder and director of Dyffy Inc. until the defendants terminated his employment and ousted him as a director.

Liston was seeking general damages of about $38,021,280, punitive damages of $114,063,840, costs of suit, interest and attorney’s fee and any other cost the court deems proper.

Liston’s credibility has been repeatedly questioned because previously, he was sued by a contractor from Dyffy for contractual payments owed by Dyffy to the said contractor. Liston did not appear to the suit and $15,000 was awarded against him.

O. Shane Balloun from Balloun Law filed the complaint on Liston’s behalf:

Augur case
Source: sfsuperiorcourt.org

The huge case gained alot of media attention and the hearing was set on Sep 2018. The defendants argued that Liston had nothing to do with Augur. The proof, they claimed, was in Augur Repositories. Not a single comment was from Liston.

A court record published on Sept. 6 shows that both parties were trying to reach a workable solution:

“…the parties have reached a settlement in principle and are working diligently to finalize a written settlement agreement,”

Now, O. Shane Balloun had requested to dismiss the case with prejudice, on behalf of Liston, which means that the case is going away for good.

Settlements have been made.

Matthew Liston v. Jack Peterson, et. all

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