Telcoin’s Marketing Team Member Discusses the Project

Telcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies floating around in a crowd of 2000+ others. But for a new-comer of the market, it is very hard to differentiate how is it different than the other? What utilities it provides to a normal user of the market? In order to get an answer to this question, BlockPublisher got in touch with a member of the community management and marketing team of Telcoin, who goes by Yassine San on Telegram.

Answering to the question related to the utilities provided by Telcoin to its users, Yassine stated:

Our target is unbanked population to allow them transfer and pay for good without having a traditional bank account.

Telcoin essentially focuses upon the aspect of mobile communication, as implied from its name. It focuses on revamping the world of mobile money, prepaid credit and postpaid billing through the employment of the groundbreaking technology that is blockchain. Telcoin itself is an ERC20 compliant token.

Talking about the team behind Telcoin, Yassin stated:

Our team is composed of the most dedicated people in their field of expertise. The founding members worked on crypto for a long time and wish to provide a life changing solution to emerging countries.

In the development of any project, the team plays a very essential part, and since Telcoin has experienced players from the world of cryptos in its team, it will be interesting to see how things turn out for this project.

Upon inquiry regarding his personal opinion related to the world of cryptocurrencies, Yassine stated:

I prefer not to talk about my personal opinion but I won’t deny the huge potential of crypto especially with funds transfer.

The convenience that is provided by the world of cryptocurrencies is unmatchable. If used properly, they can surely help revamp the global ecosystem of funds transfer. As a blockchain is immutable, secure and transparent to everyone, all the happenings of the network are visible to all due to the employment of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) at its core. A completely transparent fabric of operations is provided as a result of this. As implied by Yassine, cryptos can prove to be game-changing for the funds transfer world and it will be interesting to see how things pan out for this world.

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