Team CyberMiles is Set To Launch Their MainNet in 4 Days

According to the website of CyberMiles, their MainNet is set to launch in 4 days and a few hours. The goal of CyberMiles to decentralize e-commerce and bring a revolution in that sector which was being implemented on Ethereum blockchain up till now. After the huge success of their TestNet and being listed at the 66th number in cryptocurrencies pre-MainNet launch, CyberMiles is now ready to launch their own blockchain consistent with the road map goals. In an interview with BlockPublisher earlier, CyberMiles announced that they would be launching their MainNet in the Q4 of 2018. Staying consistent with their statement, they’ve announced the launch of their native blockchain,

The MainNet is expected to launch later this year, consistent with the anticipated milestones as of the token offering.

After the MainNet launch, the ERC20 tokens of CMT would migrate to the CyberMiles’ native blockchain and would become the native currency there. This migration of CMTs is being supported by most of the notable exchanges around the world. Exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, Cobinhood, DragonEx and many others are allowing for ERC20 token swap with the CMT native token.

A month ago, CyberMiles also issued a notification to the ERC20 CMT token holders to swap their tokens for CMT native tokens, as they would become obsolete once the MainNet is launched. The native blockchain is an answer to the scalability issue of blockchain. Experts term the solution of the Ethereum scalability issue as the formation of individual blockchains. The formation of CM’s individual blockchain has aimed to decentralize e-commerce and bring it with speeds to the outside world.

CyberMiles has also acheived the status of launching their own programming language Lity, which is coupled with their own CyberMiles Virtual Machine. According to their blog post,

Lity and the CVM represent more than sophisticated technical additions to CyberMiles — they provide answers to scaling issues that plague today’s blockchain community in general.

The team CM is also introducing SuperNodes in their system through their Genesis Validator SuperNode program, they have already announced 25 candidates which would compete to become genesis validators as to increase the speed of transactions of the system while balancing the decentralization of the network.

Shehryar Hasan

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