Suspect Behind The $24 Million Bitcoin Scam Behind Bars!

The Finnish investor who lost 5,564 Bitcoins in the scam is at peace!

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Bitcoin becomes popular and so do the scams! Prinya Jaravijit, the prime for scamming a Finnish national Aarni Otava Saarimma for Bitcoin. Bitcoin worth of 797 million baht (around $24 million) was arrested at the Bangkok’s, Suvarnabhumi Airport on October 11. The mastermind behind the scam was living in the United Sates. He fled there after his younger brother was arrested by the authorities. The younger brother of the suspect was no ordinary man, he’s on-screen Thai TV actor Jiratpisit Jaravijit also known as Boom. He was ensnared in the connivance as well.

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There are so many times when scammers get away. Not this time though! The authorities were on top of their toes regarding this case.

The Twist

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Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division after cross-examination indicted Prinya. The police wasn’t happy to hear that and raised protests to his bail. Currently, Prinya is charged with two indictments: conspiring in money-laundering and plotting in fraud.

Surrender Was No Big Deal For The Suspect

Prinya was captured after a freaking month!

Despite the fact that the surrender order was issued way before Prinya didn’t show up when he was summoned by the court. The Criminal Suppression Division had given the prime suspect ample time to surrender. He had to surrender by September 17. However, he was on the loose.

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Before the surrender order, he was also contacted to profit himself for cross examination on September 14. But, he didn’t appear. It’s like he didn’t care at all! Maybe he thought he’ll never get caught. His not appearing up really pissed the Crime Suppression Division. A warning was issued that the removal procedures would be started if the suspect didn’t appear when summoned.

Interestingly, the Thailand foreign ministry repudiated his passport. All of this was being in done in line with the Crime Suppression Division. This meant only one thing, Prinya’s stay was rendered in the United States because he didn’t have a legitimate passport anymore. As his passport was renounced, the Thai embassy in the United States told him to move back to his country immediately.

The Entire Family Had Their Hands Dirty

In the case, Prinya and his accessories are held accountable for inviting the Finnish financial specialist to trust him to place his money in a scope of investments in openly recorded organizations. Consisting of the Thai stockbroker Prasit Srisuwan and entrepreneur, Chakris Ahmad, who were also suspects. However, after more investigation, it turns out that the suspects rundown mostly consists of individuals from the Jaravijit family. This is after the Finnish national had achieved a settlement with the two agents.

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Apart from his superstar brother. Other individuals from the Jaravijit family who are suspects are Prinya’s younger sister Suspitcha. Prinya’s parents along with his seasoned brother Tanasit are asked to appear in court to reply to the charges of money laundering.

It’s a complicated case with so many family members involved. Let’s see how the case turns out to be. Hopefully it will in the favor of the Finnish national. Justice will be served! What do you Prinya’s sentence will be?

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