Sunnie J. Groeneveld is Looking Forward to Crypto Challenge Forum

Sunnie J. Groeneveld is looking forward to the event, she believes that it would be a great event for crypto enthusiasts. The event is highly anticipated as it is one of the major events that is going to take place later in October. The event is set to take place at Central Hall, London.

The event aims to target to attract an audience of more than 1500 people which would include crypto enthusiasts, investors, VC firms and industry leaders. Sunnie J. Groeneveld the CEO of Inspire 925, who also got listed in the Forbes 30 under 30, told BlockPublisher that she expects the event to be great, she said,

Expecting it to be a great event; it’s the first edition and I look forward to moderating it together with Eric Van Der Kleij.

The speaker’s list of the event contains more than 50 influential speakers. The list contains prominent names like Roger Ver, Bobby Lee, Steve Wozniak, Thomas Power etc.

The event would tap the most important topics of crypto now a days including, Blockchain and Sustainable Development, the Future of Digital Investment and Regulatory Framework of the Crypto. The Forum also aims to tap the unprecedented agenda of the worlds ecosystems and crypto investment. A whole track would be given to crypto friendly governments who would showcase their applied ecosystems and their activities and initiatives related to blockchain. This would be so impactful that it is expected that at this event, global announcements would be made.

During the CCF, bright startups would also be introduced to crypto investors where they would get the opportunity to get the public eye on them. They’re giving a great opportunity to connect to the greatest minds of the world. CCF explains the investors hub, they said

The Forum will provide startups the right platform for connecting with potential investors. The so called ‘investors’ hub’ will be active for two days running where you should be able to present your project to decision makers subject to prior appointment.

An ICO contest would also be held alongside the conferences with a prize pool of 100k which would be distributed in three prizes – gold (50K), silver (30K) and bronze (20K).

At the end of the event, a Block tie Halloween Gala and Award giving ceremony would also be hosted which would be joined by international celebrities and influential personalities.

The forum initially had positions open for speakers but since they have reached the number of required speakers, they have currently no spots left. But if a global announcement or anything important is to be said, the organizing committee can be contacted through the website.

The tickets for the event are available on their website!

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